You Missed It

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You Missed It
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Date Released June 13, 2016
Length 2:46
Game N/A

You Missed It is a sketch that revolves around two friends looking through a telescope, with one of them constantly missing interesting events.

Description: "JP and Kyle discover the wonders of the universe."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle and JP looking through a telescope. Kyle asks the musician if he saw something interesting, to which the friend responds, "just space and stuff". Kyle takes JP's place, and starts to look through the instrument. He quickly spots a shooting star crossing his view, happily commenting about the event. Ovando, surprised, pushes Sullivan to the side and tries to spot it too, but he arrives too late.

Frustrated, JP leaves the telescope again, as Kyle returns to look through it. Some time passes and Kyle sees that the object hit the moon, exclaiming about it even more excited. JP tries to see it, but again, he missed it. The musician leaves indignated, muttering that Kyle's definitely making it all up.

Sullivan returns once more, commenting to himself about a "street juggler in France". JP initially says that he's not falling for it, but ends up taking the bait. He looks through the telescope, and surely enough, he sees France, but there are no jugglers in his view. Ovando asks for how he's catching all the "cool stuff", to which Sullivan simply replies by saying that it is dumb luck, suggesting having more patience. JP follows the suggestion, and starts to wait.

Some more time passes and JP comments that it is not working. Kyle tells him he should start moving the telescope, as he will eventually find something interesting. Ovando tries to do that, but ends up only finding a blue nebula (which is, according to the collector's list, the second most common color), Grandmaster Zumbo (just Jefferey in a costume) and an "alternate universe" (which becomes the same universe when alternate JP swaps places with alternate Kyle).

JP wonders if they have already seen it all, though Kyle profusely disagrees, stating that if they've seen it all and are still in their backyard, that makes them losers. A complaint is made about the telescope's zoom, however Sullivan ignores it and tells Ovando that he must "zoom all the way" and find something. An epic montage is shown, with JP adjusting levers, spinning telescopes, and making a tribute to an eagle.

Everything comes to a halt when JP states that he still hasn't found anything. A light suddenly appears at his eye, however, and both friends enter a state of complete awe. Kyle starts to stutter about the future, and the musician zooms in even more. He quickly gets frustrated, though, when he realizes that it is just an Independence Day rerun.

The sketch ends.