Yellow Light

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Yellow Light
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Date Released January 2, 2017
Length 2:56
Game N/A

Yellow Light is a sketch that revolves around the concept of "Yellow Light", a poor version of Steam's Greenlight.

Description: "Ethan does some research on preordering."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle calling Ethan's name, raising a paper document in his hand and asking, "what is this?". Ethan responds that it is pressed fiber of wood and grass pulp, a very versatile material that has a wide range of uses. Kyle looks intrigued, almost falling for Ethan's explanation, before focusing again at the task at hand and telling Gelinas that he bribed the mailman to get his credit card bill and confront him about the "big ol' numbers" in it.

Gelinas tells him that it has nothing to do with "the movie tickets", while Sullivan says that he was talking about "the arson". Ethan then calmly explains that he has been buying a lot of Steam games lately, especially preordering. Kyle looks indignated, sarcastically asking if he has been setting fire on his own home, quickly interrupting himself and saying that he actually did that.

Ethan pleads Kyle to calm down, saying "it's not like you caught me planning some elaborate con to steal thousands of dollars from people that didn't deserve their money in the first place." A surprised Sullivan mutters that, while he didn't accuse Ethan of doing what he just said, his sentence was very specific. Gelinas finally admits that he has been trying a new experimental service called "Steam Yellow Light", where potential developers can submit ideas of games they might make one day, and then he can buy it for half the price. Kyle calls that shady crowdfunding, not preordering.

Both then start to talk about Ethan's newest investment, a "game" called "Neon Gray". According to the developer, it will become the next Minecraft if he can learn C++. Sullivan begins to point out flaws in Ethan's plan, but the man quickly explains that he's also doing it for research. He tells Kyle that he's starting a business where people pay him at a discount to get a movie ticket for a film that will come out in the future.

The other interjects to the idea by saying that the problem is that people will need to trust him to follow through with what he said, while adding that the last time someone lent him money, he put it in a big pile on the floor, set it on fire, quoted the Dark Knight, burned his house down, and moved to Kyle's place.

Ethan argues that it is not a problem, it's brillant. According to him, he can take people's money willingly and give them crap in return. Kyle, confused, asks for how he's going to make a profit out of it, to which Gelinas simply responds by saying that he will not buy the tickets. Sullivan, surprised, realizes that he should call the cops.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • When Ethan starts talking about "compressed fiber", he's explaining what paper is.