Westworld: I Am Not a Robot

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Westworld: I Am Not a Robot
Westworld: I Am Not a Robot Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvf8c9yYv6k
Date Released February 19, 2018
Length 3:36
Game N/A

Westworld: I Am Not a Robot is a sketch that revolves around the difficulty of distinguinshing people from robots in the Westworld series.

Description: "Careful not to shoot the other guests."


Actor Character
Joey Basham Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Allison Devery Cowgirl
Michael Sullivan Sheriff
Kyle Sullivan Westworld Scientist
Rachel Butcher Westworld Scientist


The video begins with a cowgirl standing still, almost looking like a statue. Joey and Ian approach her while talking about the place, right before the former shoots her, demonstrating the lack of rules in Westworld. He explains that she's just a robot.

Ian asks if him and Joey are the only real people there, to which the cowboy cosplayer replies by saying that there might be other guests somewhere around the park. Conn, now concerned, inquires on how do they tell humans from robots, beginning to doubt if that cowgirl was truly an android. Joey reassures him by stating that the guns only affect the robots, and demonstrates this by shooting Ian in the stomach. The friend, however, falls to the ground and goes silent.

Joey, worried, starts to call Ian's name, though he doesn't respond. In that moment, an old man appears from a nearby house, declaring that he doesn't take that kind of behavior in his town. Basham immediately raises his hands and tries to defend himself, claiming that Ian is okay. The old man, however, just ignores the statement and points a rifle at the cowboy. Joey, in a mix of surprise and fright, asks if he's real. The man answers that he's the real sheriff of that town.

Basham mutters under his breath about how he hates RPers, and moves on to saying that he didn't do anything. Right after he says that, the cowgirl gets up and affirms that he shot her. The cowboy turns around, startled, and immediately gets confused by the fact that she isn't dead. He wonders whether she's a human and the guns didn't hurt her or she's a robot and that's why she cannot die.

Joey turns to the Sheriff again and demands to know if the guns hurt people or not. The old man, however, only replies by shooting him in the head. When asked for the reason why he did that, the Sheriff argues that Joey shot both the cowgirl and Ian first. It is quickly revealed that the latter two are okay, as both get up from the ground.

The cowgirl asks for who is who, while Conn wants to know which guns do what to whom. The Sheriff, meanwhile, only states that they are "breaking his immersion". One thing leads to the next and eventually Ian asks if Joey is alright. The cowboy lifts his hand and states that he is, though the Sheriff shoots him again. The Cowgirl also takes a gun, but shoots at the old man instead. Ian, after watching this unfold, gets outraged and demands that everyone stop using the guns before they are sure of what they do.

Joey apologizes for shooting someone, and the cowgirl states that she assumes it is directed at her. Basham, however, explains that he's referring to "a real person", much to the cowgirl's rage. Both exchange accusations, while Ian argues that, since none of them died, none of them are fake. The Sheriff steps in, however, and states that the androids can't die either. More robot accusations are thrown in, and eventually, the entire discussion descends to an all-out shootout.

Meanwhile, two Westworld Scientists watch the chaos from a hidden camera, looking quite confused and displeased. The sketch ends as the two agrees that the robots are way too real.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • RPers are people that primarily focus on staying in-character all the time.