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WLHQ001 BuzzFeedQuizzes.jpg
Thumbnail to WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0u5ZHidq4X4SZ_WCyA5LiZ5bSMUpU88U
Status Active
Length 3 videos
Game N/A

WLHQ, short for "White Lightning Headquarters", is a series about the Door Monster Crew as spies. The series focuses on the White Lightning Agents investigating the divergence of the internet from its proper timeline after the events of Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale).

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Agent Sullivan
Jefferey Neely Agent Neely

Videos in Series[edit]

WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes[edit]

Agent Sullivan and Agent Neely investigate Buzzfeed quizzes and why they're so accurate.

WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube[edit]

Agent Sullivan gets lost in Youtube Headquarters and requires the help of Agent Butcher to guide him out.

WLHQ: Hero Complex[edit]

Main article: WLHQ: Hero Complex

Agent Sullivan has to disable a control panel before it launches a missile, but runs into some complications.