WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube

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WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube
WLHQ Part of Youtube.jpg
WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99-n42Xb6NQ
Date Released May 29, 2017
Length 3:58
Game N/A

WLHQ: That Part Of YouTube is a White Lightning HQ sketch. In it, Agent Butcher guides Agent Sullivan out of Youtube.

Description: "Agent Sullivan finds himself lost deep inside Youtube and must rely on Agent Butcher's "expertise" to lead him out."


Actor Character
Rachel Butcher Agent Butcher
Kyle Sullivan Agent Sullivan


The video begins with Agent Sullivan crawling through a vent, getting interrupted when his phone starts to ring. On the other side of the call, there's Agent Butcher, who complains about never being able to participate in a spy mission. She tells Kyle that Jefferey brags about his missions all the time, while she has never been able to participate in even one.

Rachel then notices that Kyle's voice is sounding "echo-y", and queries him about this. Kyle tries to lie, saying that he's in a bathroom, though Agent Neely ruins his plan when he enters the call and starts to talk about the mission. Sullivan forces him out of the conversation, and Rachel asks again for why she doesn't get to participate in anything. Kyle apologises, telling Butcher that he'll send her in a mission soon. She then asks for Kyle's whereabouts.

Sullivan responds that he is infiltrated in Youtube Headquarters, investigating the whole Demonetization scheme. However, he's now lost due to sucessive wrong turns, and wants to get back out. Butcher offers help, and Kyle hesitantly agrees.

Rachel starts by asking for what does he see. Kyle responds by saying that he has learned way more about dancing than he has ever wanted to, and is now hearing Rick Astley and old Sonic cartoons. Butcher guides him to Rick Astley, though Kyle claims that it is a dead-end. Rachel says that she just wanted to hear his song, and tells the agent to head to the other way.

Sullivan finds poorly animated cats and dragons, and Butcher tells him to go in the cats' direction. Kyle tries to argue that cats never lead to Youtube's exit, but Rachel explains that the dragons will make him find My Little Pony fanfictions recreated in Second Life. Kyle decides to obey her.

The agent passes through Captain Falcon remixes and Duke Nukem soundboards, before finally finding another Rick Astley song and a restricted area. Butcher thinks for a bit and tells him to detour through the vlog-osphere. Kyle does what she tells him to do, though he eventually finds a video titled "Reasons why Martha is the best Doctor Who companion". Kyle gets outraged, and asks Butcher to get him out fast. Rachel starts to act in a nonchalant way, saying that she wants to flip through Pinterest, though Sullivan quickly declares that he'll put her in the next spy mission if she gets him out of there. Rachel celebrates and tells him to pass through the most disliked DIY tutorial he can find and keep going as fast as he can.

Kyle asks for why, though he quickly discovers the answer when he finds a repeating Bee Movie video. He starts to get mesmerized by it, however Rachel manages to snap him out by reading a transcript of the Doctor Who Martha video. Sullivan continues crawling through the vent until he finds another bifurcation. To the left, there are a lot of people convulsing, while to the right, he sees Rick Astley again. Rachel guides him to the right, explaining that the left one is Harlem Shake.

Finally, the agent comes across a large room dubbed "ASMR". Sullivan queries on the acronym's meaning, to which Rachel responds by saying that it's time for her 3'o clock nap. She disconnects from the call, and Kyle starts to panic. The video ends with Jefferey coming back and asking, "Hey, can you go back to that Rick Astley song? I was kinda getting into it."


  • ASMR is a Youtube video genre defined by quiet whispers and long durations, with the objective of making the viewers fall asleep.