WLHQ: Hero Complex

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WLHQ: Hero Complex
Wlhq Hero Complex.jpg
WLHQ: Hero Complex Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXVq9Dd0qHA
Date Released May 14, 2018
Length 3:42
Game N/A

WLHQ: Hero Complex is a White Lightning HQ sketch. In it Agent Sullivan has to disable a control panel before it can launch a missile.

Description: "Countdown timers never seem to count down in real time."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Agent Sullivan
Weebl "The Hero"
Allison Devery Tech Support


The sketch begins with Agent Sullivan walking into a dark room, seeing a small table and a backwards black chair in front of him. A disembodied voice begins to talk to him, though quickly gets interrupted when the Agent pulls out an SMG and riddles the back of the chair with bullets, under the assumption that the Hero would be there. It turns out, however, that the voice was coming from a television screen in the other side of the room. After witnessing the carnage, the Hero begins to berate Sullivan for shooting his chair. He then goes on to tell him that he's too late, as his missile is launching in ten seconds. Sullivan questions why the control panel isn't with the Hero, to which the man answers that he wasn't supposed to enter that room. After hearing this, Agent Sullivan proceeds to make his way to the panel, while avoiding all the traps. As he does this, the Hero spiels about how Sullivan's not going to make it in time and he will be seen as a hero.

When Sullivan makes it to the control panel, he begins to disable it. The countdown, however, reaches one, though nothing happens. Noticing this, the Hero asks why it hasn't gone off yet, to which Sullivan responds that he doesn't know why, as the timer seems to be just looping from three to one. He then looks inside the control panel in an attempt to find the problem and begins to go through the setting switches with the help of the Hero. They go through self-destruct, blinking lights, timer sounds and self-awareness switches before finally getting to a headphone jack, which was removed, and a last switch that is labeled "hero mode", which is on. The switch, it seems, prevents the timer from reaching zero before the opponent can disable it.

The Hero questions why that would be a setting and calls tech support about it. He questions why hero mode "lets the bad guys win", to which tech support responds by telling him that's not her department and transferring him to a psychologist. The Hero hangs up and apologizes to Sullivan, telling him he'll see him next month. Sullivan affirms that he'll be there and informs him that he redirected the rocket fuel through the ventilation system in the building, declaring that it'll go up in flames in a few minutes. As such, Sullivan and the Hero begin to leave, before the latter realizes that he's actually the villain.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Many villains in media are depicted dramatically turning around in a chair when the protagonist enters the room.
  • Villains in media rarely have the control panel to their devices close at hand.
  • Villains in media often install self-destruct switches or buttons on everything.
  • The machine turned on its own self-awareness switch.
  • Much like the technology company Apple, the manufacturers of the control panel removed the headphone jack to its products.