WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes

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WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes
WLHQ001 BuzzFeedQuizzes.jpg
WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ5PI5eDvy0
Date Released March 27, 2017
Length 3:02
Game N/A

WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes is a White Lightning HQ sketch where Agent Sullivan and Agent Neely investigate Buzzfeed quizzes.

Description: "After the AI incident, the White Lightning Agents are now operating in secret to investigate things that are weird on the internet."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Agent Sullivan
Jefferey Neely Agent Neely
Andie Garcia Buzzfeed Employee


The sketch begins with Agent Sullivan explaining the Mandela Effect's origins to Agent Neely, who isn't paying attention due to having it already focused on taking a BuzzFeed quiz. Agent Neely comments on how it seems like the quizzes know "the depths of his soul", explaining that they can discover what type of car he drives based on his macaroni preferences.

They are then given their first assignment, which is to investigate the infamous BuzzFeed quizzes. At the BuzzFeed Headquarters, Agent Sullivan introduces himself and Neely to one of the site's employees, telling her that he's just there to file the report regarding their quizzes. After that, she can go back to making something for college students to watch vacantly while they burn their parents' money. Neely, a bit shocked by Sullivan's acidness, comments that he's in a weird mood.

Kyle orders Jefferey to stop talking on the job and tells the employee that, if she can just tell them that the quizzes aren't trying to be accurate in any way, he can just finish the paperwork and they can be on their way. She, however, tells him that they are completely accurate, much to Agent Sullivan's dismay, who concludes that he's going to have to take one of the quizzes to see what's really happening.

He then takes a quiz on what job he should have based on seemingly irrelevant information. His result, however, is "secret government agent" - Sullivan's actual job. The Agent becomes completely confused by this, while Neely suggests that they should give BuzzFeed more credit, as they have a bizarrely competent investigative journalism team. Agent Sullivan, outraged, approaches the employee and ask for how they create their quizzes, to which she responds by telling him that they use them for data mining. Agent Sullivan reports that there's no major change in BuzzFeed and that their investigation is complete, walking away from the room. Before Agent Neely follows him, however, he asks the employee what she can tell about him based on his tie preferences. She tells him that he's boring, gullible, and that he'd be Ross from Friends. Neely, satisfied, walks off while complimenting her on how true it is.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • People who take BuzzFeed quizzes often claim that their results are more accurate than the actually are.
  • Most online quizzes store a lot of information about their users, and are sold to analysts for advertising purposes. Some of this data are (theoretically) used to generate the results of quizzes instead of the actual questions.