VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision

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VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision
YT UltimateTunnelVision.jpg
VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AXu1HQWot8
Date Released March 23, 2015
Length 2:37
Game Virtual Reality Games

VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision is a sketch about Kyle understanding the appeal of virtual reality.

Description: "In the not-so-distant future of virtual reality gaming..."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Himself
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The sketch begins with JP and Jefferey playing a virtual reality game together while Kyle is cooking eggs. JP is praising the realistic quality of trees and other things in the virtual world while Jefferey shouts about control points that need to be defended. Kyle brings up the problems with virtual reality, one of which is that it makes them vulnerable to the real world. He also mentions the dangers of virtual reality such as if someone were to break in or if he put excessive amounts of salt in Jefferey's eggs, despite his instructions to do so which Kyle ignores to prove a point.

Kyle comes to the conclusion that JP and Jefferey are actually playing different games despite being in the same room. Kyle then gives JP and Jefferey their eggs. Jefferey invites Kyle to play with them, but he declines. JP then asks where Jefferey is, warning him of incoming space raptors. Kyle then realizes they've actually been playing the same game despite how random the elements of it seem. Kyle then gives in and joins them in virtual reality.

While they're all playing in virtual reality an alarm begins to go off which Jefferey brushes off as an in game sound. He then takes a bite of his eggs, but promptly spits them back out.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Jefferey spits the eggs out because Kyle put too much salt in them.
  • Ignoring the alarm going off proves Kyle's point earlier in the sketch where he was talking about the dangers of virtual reality.