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Parts of the following documentation have been redacted for security reasons! Do not attempt to cover our secrets classified information!

I am Chief Technical Officer of the White Lightning HQ's Embrace, Extend, and Documentation Department. It is my job to facilitate and assist with the community outreach efforts in order to hide the fact that it's a nefarious spy organization and help strengthen the brand and public relations.

Main aspects of my role in the organization include:

  • Maintaining server upkeep and optimization
  • Neutralization and transportation of persons giving unwanted attention
  • Assisting in the documentation of events and important persons
  • Knowledge of my inevitable neutralization and replacement

All in all, it is not a difficult job, but is one I take very seriously. If, for any reason, contact needs to be made, you can either do so via this website or on the Official WLHQ's insecure communication front: The Door Monster Discord.

Pongles signing off, live long and prosper.

[He Cometh]