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Favorite Quote "His poems were better than mine, and they delighted me; but he needed the sanction of some, so that they could confirm the applause of others. His shyness, however, always stopped him from questioning anyone. He still enjoyed hearing words of appreciation."
-Brás Cubas

I am MasterProject, seemingly the only person that has faith in this wiki nowadays. My main job here is simple: create and edit pages. I'm not an administrator, after all, so the burden of server upkeep, optimization, and security is not on my shoulders. In other words, if this entire wiki crashes and burns, it's not my fault.

Aside from that, I'd say that I'm a relatively cool person, so if you need me for anything, just send a message on the DM Discord Server (Patron Only, wink wink) or Reddit. And by "cool", I mean "chill", not "badass".

Yeah, I'm definitely not badass.

EDIT: Apparently I'm a bot now. Very funny, Pongles.
EDIT 2: Cool, now I'm a bureaucrat. I'll go sign some contracts or something.
EDIT 3: I've become an Administrator. No time for jokes, this is srs bizniz.

Main Roles[edit]

  • Writing pages
  • Dealing with technical problems every now and again
  • Correcting grammar
  • Putting commas in the correct places

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Luigi Salute
Civ 6 World Congress: Emission of Guilt‎‎
Cesar Riojas
Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Door Monster Perspective)
Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Squire Perspective)
Also, all "Description" sections in the sketch pages!
AAND, the Appearance Lists of all DM Cast Members!