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Cool Cat
This user is one cool cat. If you see him around, it's because they are cool, as a cat. Cool cat, cat cool.

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Position Admin
Gender Male
Age 23
Occupation Automation Engineer
Favorite Quote "Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down." - Adam Savage

I am the Chefiest Secretary on the White Lightning HQ's Embrace, Extend, and Documentation Department. I work mostly in records and archives, making sure everything's spit-spot and spangled. If I come across something wrong, I'll usually be quick to fix it.

Main Roles[edit]

  • Templates and Style Organization
  • Writing out summaries and creating pages
  • User Management
  • Being a human being


A young engineer with a bit too much time on his hands no more time on his hands.

I do a lot of cool art, music, video editing, and programming projects if the mood strikes me and I have a good idea.