Unfortunate Cookies

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Unfortunate Cookies
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZI_PkdxMmE
Date Released February 6, 2017
Length 2:41
Game N/A

Unfortunate Cookies, Starring Kyle and JP, is a sketch that explores the possibility of fortune cookies having an effect on reality, and how many positive messages may have negative consequences.

Description: "Beware fortune cookies, for if they come true, things may not go as expected."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
JP De Ovando Himself


Unfortunate Cookies begins with Kyle and JP sitting down in a living room with fortune cookies sitting on the coffee table. Kyle goes to open one, eating the cookie but throwing away the fortune without reading it. This upsets JP, who claims that it's part of the "experience" and gives one a "pleasant surprise". JP then gets a cookie that makes a cupcake appear off-camera, to his delight.

Confused, Kyle opens another one that says "an attractive person has a message for you", after which JP hurtles a bunch of insults Kyle's way. JP attributes this to the power of the cookie, although he wonders why Kyle's turned out bad. Kyle suggests further experimentation, so JP opens one that says "Your dreams were come true". JP is scared, as his last dream he fell to his death after flying, and then he lost his pants.

With two negative interpretations of the fortunes so far, they both agree that this could get bad and they should stop. Not a second later, they grab handfuls of cookies and begin opening them. This results in the room becoming a disaster zone, with lightning and fire. JP regrets this, as they don't even taste good. Two cookies left, Kyle hopes that one of them will fix everything. Receiving "I think, therefore I am", Kyle promptly ceases to exist from reality.

JP opens the last cookie, which states "Do not put your faith in fate- you control your own destiny", which does fix everything. Kyle attempts to make a "fortunate" pun before being overridden by JP. JP wonders why this happens, to which Kyle explains that any omnipotent viewer to their lives would get bored quickly. As JP leaves, Kyle picks up the first fortune that he forgot to read: "You will fail to learn a valuable and obvious lesson". JP, now outside, goes flying, falls to his death, and loses his pants.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The cookie "an attractive person has a message for you", takes JP to mean the attractive person and the message to be full of hate and insults, rather then the intended interpretation that the subject's significant other to be the attractive person and the message to be of good tidings.
  • Kyle's comment on the people magically observing their lives is a fourth wall break, referencing the viewers of this sketch.


  • During the wide shot of the room during the disaster, DoodleConn can be seen burning in the lower-left.
  • The barrage of insults made by JP ("You suck, you're really ugly and annoying and nobody likes your milkshakes") is a reference to Zucchini and Rhubarb.
  • The "I think therefore I am" cookie is a quote of a Latin philosophical proposal Cogito ergo summ by René Descartes.