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So, you want to contribute to the Door Monster Wiki? The best way you can do so is by writing up a sketch page and all that that action entails! Unfamiliar with wikitext and wikiediting? No problem, this guide is meant to be for the absolute beginner!

First, head on over to the List of Sketches, where you can see all the sketches. Blue ones have been made, red ones have not.
Click on a red one to get started. For this example, I'll be making Unfortunate Cookies
This should take you to a "create this page" page. You can only type plain text and so how will you make the complex formatting in this box to make good-looking pages?
The answer is to head over to Example:Sketch (in a different tab or window if you're already creating a sketch page). This already has all the formatting you need. Click on "View Source" in the upper right
Just select everything in the box and copy it.
Then, you can paste in the copied text into the page that you're creating.
Now we can start writing the page. Delete the Omnialert and start replacing the infobox parameters and write an intro. All of this should be easily found. But wait! What will you do about the image? How does that work?
Again, in another window/tab, look at the thumbnail category page which has all the thumbnails currently uploaded. One of them should be the thumbnail you need.
Most browsers have a find function (ctrl+F) that can make this task easy. Once you find the thumbnail, copy the file name.
Paste the file name after the "File:" and it should be good. You should also fill out the character table below, follow the pattern "|-", "|Actor", "|Character" as many times needed, as shown. If you are less familiar with wikitext, don't worry about the other link formatting. It's just important that you have it and someone else will probably fix it later.
Now you can write up the synopsis, jokes, and references. You can delete the header if it doesn't apply to the sketch, or leave it blank. Don't forget to hit "Show preview" a bunch to see if there's any issue with the article.
Filled out. Note that the jokes and references sections have "*" at the beginning of each line, that makes each line a bullet point. Replace the Category:Example with any number of categories that correspond to what actors are part of it, or what series this sketch is a part of, if applicable. After the page is done hit "Save page"
After the page is done, we need to add the new sketch references to the characters. In this case, the character that appeared is a major recurring one, so I'm going to its page and I'll add a section.
Hit "Edit" and scroll down to the proper area to add a new sketch reference. Note that all sketches on the page should go in reverse chronological order. I'm going to add the sketch here then.
I've added it. It should follow the same formatting as previous sections. For further information on this, consult Example:Character. Don't forget to repeat this process for all the characters that acted in the sketch; I added a section on JP De Ovando (Character) after this.
Of course, it could be a minor character that played a part in the sketch. In this case, we'll need to edit the actor's page to add the appearance.
If it's a recurring minor character and the entry is already there, just create a new row on the appearances table. This should be a simple copy, paste, replace job.
If it's a new minor character, you'll have add a new section. Copy an entire section and replace the character name, information, and the appearances table.