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Triggered Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released September 11, 2017
Length 4:10
Game N/A

Triggered is a sketch depicting two firearm experts discussing gun facts and safety rules.

Description: "Two firearm enthusiasts have a civil discussion."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Enthusiast 1
Rachel Butcher Enthusiast 2
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Allison Devery TV Woman


The sketch begins with a woman wearing sunglasses and shooting a large amount of bullets at the camera.

The video then cuts to two firearm enthusiasts watching the aforementioned clip in the TV. The first enthusiast (played by Ian) laments the lack of realism in "Hollywood gunplay". The other expert (played by Rachel) agrees, saying that there was no way to squeeze that many bullets in just one clip.

The first enthusiast suddenly gets "triggered" by what the other said, especifically the use of the word "clip". The second expert gets mildly annoyed by this, arguing that he doesn't have the right to correct her, since he used the word "gunplay".

Both then start to challenge the other with gun facts and opinions, eventually escalating the conflict to the point of both getting up from the couch and pointing weapons at each other. The first one points a pistol, while the second one points a rifle.

The expert played by Rachel claims that the pistol has way less "stopping power" than the rifle, but the first enthusiast counters that it is a fake metric popularised by bad movie lingo. He also reminds both of the Rule #1 of Gun Safety: "treat every firearm as loaded, always".

The two experts then exchange more gun facts, with the second enthusiast eventually admitting that she was trying to shoot him for the past 30 seconds. The other expert then cites Rule #3: "Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you have made the decision to shoot."

He also adds that his trigger discipline is too strong, and he can stand there not shooting her all day. The second expert accepts the challenge, and also not shoots him. This entire sequence is accompanied by the camera dramatically rotating around both enthusiasts.

Suddenly, Kyle appears at the door, saying that "two freaks tried to sell him milkshakes." Immediately, the two experts start to shoot at Kyle repeatedly and dramatically, in all sorts of weird ways. The first enthusiast shoots while spinning and rolling, and another time with the guns upside down. Meanwhile, the second expert shoots while laughing maniacally, another time while rolling, a third time using the rifle with just one hand, and a fourth time with the rifle behind her shoulders.

Kyle eventually dies by the definitely excessive shots, and falls to the ground. The two gunners then say that it was home invasion, and the attack was completely justified. The second enthusiast comments that she's glad she didn't bring her shotgun, or she would've run out of bullets. The first expert corrects her, saying that the proper term is "shells". Finally, the second one gets outraged.

The sketch ends.


  • The "two freaks" that tried to sell Kyle milkshakes were the protagonists of the sketch Zucchini and Rhubarb.
  • The Gun Safety rules cited in the video were probably the ones created by the late US Marine Jeff Cooper.
  • Running Gag: End with a Gunshot.