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Tradition! Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 28, 2019
Length 2:08
Game N/A

Tradition! is an short, meta sketch. In it, Kyle references a previous video and introduces the new Door Monster Website.

Description: "The best reason to do anything! We return the first Monday of February with new sketches about shoulder angels, the X-Files, D&D, and Civilization 6!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Allison Devery Herself


The video begins with Kyle watching the same video from How to Make Comedy Sketches. As Allison enters the room, asking for that week's new video, Kyle questions the nature of videos itself. Hearing this, Devery guesses that he doesn't have a video, to which Sullivan counters that he has a website, and it has videos on it. Allison states that it doesn't count, and goes on by saying that they told their viewers that they would start making weekly sketches again.

Kyle, however, mentions that, during Door Monster's First Year, he also made a pseudo-sketch referencing the fact that he didn't have a sketch. Allison asks for the reason of not having a sketch, and Kyle simply answers with, "Tradition". Allison mentions that they also got married, which could be considered "Tradition", and so the two of them begin to list the many traditions they have, such as putting 3D-renders of their friends in the back of their shots, making overused jokes or allowing Google to control every aspect of their lives.

Suddenly, Kyle says, "Not anymore", promptly shooting Allison in the head and turning to the camera, addressing his viewers. He explains the many features of the new website for the rest of the video, finally ending by apologizing for the lack of a sketch and stating that he shot Allison way too early.

The video ends.