Toast Launcher

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Toast Launcher
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Date Released September 30, 2010
Length 1:41
Game N/A

Toast Launcher is a sketch about Kyle's eccentric habit of creating random projectile weapons from household objects.

Description: "You know roommates...they always turn your stuff into high-powered projectile weaponry."


Actor Character
Aaron Reyes Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


Aaron enters the house and sees Kyle on the couch and promptly asks him what he's doing. Kyle responds emphatically by saying he's created a toast launcher while holding a toaster in his lap. A debate then ensues with Aaron insisting that it's just a toaster and Kyle claiming that what he's holding is, in fact, a 'toast launcher'. Aaron becomes annoyed and attempts to leave the room, and as he turns, his back is hit with toast from the toast launcher. After ranting for a short time about the number of silly 'launchers' that Kyle has made, Aaron grabs the toast launcher and says that if he gets hit with one more 'ballistic missile', he's going to find a new room-mate. Toast then pops out of the toast launcher and pelts Aaron in the face after which he glares, annoyed, at Kyle. In response, Kyle offers Aaron a napkin while holding up a Napkin Launcher. The sketch ends.


  • This is one of the few sketches featuring Aaron Reyes.
  • After the sketch ends, there is some behind the scenes footage.