The Stuffing of Legends

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The Stuffing of Legends
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Date Released July 11, 2016
Length 2:12
Game N/A

The Stuffing of Legends is a sketch about how Kyle takes too many pills and tries to hunt a bear.

Description: "Imbued with the powers of magic pills, Kyle hunts a fluffy beast to its last breath!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Matt Locke Himself


The sketch begins with Kyle hiding in the bushes with a NERF gun. As Kyle is concentrating on aiming at something, Matt appears and asks for what he's doing. Kyle responds by screaming and asking him what he's doing in the wilderness. Matt mentions that an hour ago, when they were in Austin at the doctor's office, his doctor gave Kyle a bottle of pills and told him to stay inside for a few days. Matt asks if he's ringing any bells, to which Kyle responds by pulling out a bell and ringing it. Matt tries to get Kyle back to the apartment, where they have video games and air conditioning, but Kyle ignores him and orders him to be quiet, as the "beast" is on the move and if the monster escapes, he might never find it again. Locke then tells Kyle that overdosing is a big deal, and he'd be worried if Kyle hadn't done it four times before without any consequences.

Kyle points to the "beast" and claims it's mocking him. Matt goes to look at what Kyle's talking about and sees a teddy bear sitting on some sticks. Matt then asks Kyle where his pills are and he responds by saying he doesn't have them. Matt knows he doesn't have the pills based on how he's acting and clarifies he was asking for the bottle. As Kyle begins to talk about a battle, Matt grabs the bottle from his pocket and Kyle shoots him with the NERF gun, calling him a "pocket intruder". Locke opens the bottle and confirms that all the pills are gone, then tells Sullivan to calm down or his heart will explode. Kyle assures him that it could only take a "heart-stopping device" to stop him before he collapses. Matt begins to call the ambulance, but before he can, Kyle gets up again, now holding a knife, and runs towards the teddy bear. The young man then gets run over by an actual bear on his way to attack the stuffed animal.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • During this entire video, Kyle is experiencing the effects of an overdose.
  • When Kyle collapses it's to be assumed it's because his heart stopped for a few moments.
  • It's ironic that Kyle gets run over by a real bear while he was hunting a fake one.