The Soviet Report

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The Soviet Report
YouTube Link
Date Released April 20, 2009
Length 2:43
Game N/A

The Soviet Report was part of an english school project. In it, a news broadcast from inside the Soviet Union at the height of Stalin's power reveals the brutality of the communist regime.

Description: "This was a project for my english class. Made by me, Tommy, Zach, and James."


Actor Character
Reid Sullivan Yegor Shmiernoff, Yegor Putin
Tommy? Zach? James? Yegor Lucivitz, Police, Unnamed Russian man
Tommy? Zach? James? Police, Unnamed Russian man 2
Kyle Sullivan Unnamed Russian man 3


The broadcast begins with patriotic imagery of the Soviet Union, before cutting to the anchor Yegor Shmiernoff. He explains that tonight's news topic is the recent purge, where millions of Soviet citizens have been forced to crimes they did not commit and have been tortured, executed, or sentenced to labor camps as a result. The broadcast then goes to reporter Yegor Lucivitz, who comments on the poor living conditions and interviews prisoner Yegor Putin regarding his reasons for be imprisoned. Putin explains that he was imprisoned for eating cheesecake on the same day as Stalin. Lucivitiz asks Putin's opinion on the fact that most inmates in the gulag won't make it out alive, much to Putin's shock. Lucivitiz then pushes Putin out of shot and begins to explain to the audience that most of the inmates are innocent, but is tackled by secret police.

The broadcast cuts back to Shiernoff, who sends the broadcast to a commercial break. In the commercial, Putin advertises Police-Be-Gone, a rock that scares away the police. While the commercial contains a demonstration of the device working and a warning not to buy its competitors, the testimonies of consumers differs; one man realizes that the product is simply a rock, while another testifies that his uncle tried to use a Police-Be-Gone and was shot.

After the break, Shmeirnoff closes out the Soviet Report with a final warning criticizing Stalin, and is promptly tackled by the police.


  • The Soviet Report is the first live-action appearance of Kyle
  • The names of Yegor and Jegor are references to the fact that everyone in this video was also named Yegor.