The Sims: Meeting the Neighbors

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The Sims: Meeting the Neighbors
TheSims Neighbors.jpg
The Sims: Meeting the Neighbors Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released December 1, 2014
Length 1:22
Game The Sims

The Sims: Meeting the Neighbors is a The Sims sketch. In it, JP makes friends with a neighbor.

Description: "In this week's episode, JP enthusiastically welcomes Ian to the neighborhood!"


Actor Character
JP De Ovando JP the Sim
Ian Conn Ian the Sim


The sketch begins with JP looking for something to eat in his fridge, while Ian is seen walking on the sidewalk towards the musician's house. When he gets close enough to the house, JP runs out to greet Ian. The two then have an incoherent conversation before sending their farewells.

Ian then follows JP back into his home and begins to take a shower while JP watches TV.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The incoherent conversation JP and Ian have is a reference to how Sims talk about the most random of topics with each other and are always changing topics.
  • Ian walking after JP into his home references how Sims you meet will often times follow you into your home uninvited upon first meeting them.