The Sims: I Have Nightmares About Genies

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The Sims: I Have Nightmares About Genies
TheSims Genie.jpg
The Sims: I Have Nightmares About Genies Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released November 17, 2014
Length 2:15
Game The Sims

The Sims: I Have Nightmares About Genies is a The Sims sketch. In it, JP has a special encounter with a genie who gives him a choice between two wishes.

Description: "In this week's episode, JP the Sim encounters the jankiest genie around! Spoilers: he's a jerk."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando JP the Sim
Kyle Sullivan The Genie


The sketch begins with JP walking into the kitchen and seeing a black lamp, which he begins to clean with a rag. This prompts a genie to appear and ask JP if he would like him to call upon the powers of fire or water. JP becomes confused, due to his erroneous thought that the genie would allow him to make wishes.

Ovando asks for what would happen if he picked fire. The genie explains that if he chooses fire a random object in his home will burst into flames and quickly spread throughout the house. The genie mentions that the fire department will not come to JP's aid, due to prior prank calling incidents. As such, the fire will eventually burn down his entire home with him in it.

JP then asks about the water option. The genie tells him that water will flood his house from every appliance and JP then will spend the rest of his life attempting to clean up the mess.

After hearing all of this, the musician changes his mind about summoning the genie. The entity, however, threatens to do both if he does not pick one of the options.

The sketch ends.


  • In The Sims, when a genie is summoned, he will give the player two random options from a list to choose from. The wishes on the list can have either good or bad effects, but the player does not know the outcome until a choice is made.