The Pokemon Plan

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The Pokemon Plan
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Date Released July 20, 2015
Length 2:55
Game N/A

The Pokemon Plan is a sketch about Pokemon Trading Cards. In it, Jefferey tries to use them to pay his debt to loan sharks.

Description: "We all knew those card collections would pay off someday!"


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Loan Shark


Jefferey and a loan shark meet in a private room. Both briefly greet each other, before the lender demands to see Jefferey's money. The debter, in an optimistic mood and with a smile in his face, opens his binder to reveal Pokemon cards. The shark gets immediately irritated, while Neely tries to claim that the cards will be able to handsomely pay him. A passive-agressive threat is uttered by the loan shark, to which the debter responds by saying that he's completely serious, as he even planned to buy a lamborghini before realizing that he should probably end his debt first.

Jefferey begins by showing a Charizard card, promising that it is a "big deal". The debter quickly snatches the card and inspects it, noticing a dropshadow. Ironfaced, he turns the card around and points to the problem, explaining that it is not first-edition, and as such, he would only make a hundred dollars if he had sold it to an idiot. In an intimidating manner, the shark finally asks: "Do I look like an idiot?"

Neely, still with an awkward smile in his face, responds with "no". The loan shark stops beating around the bush and asks for how much did he expect to get from the binder. Jefferey, realizing his mistake, tells the shark that Charizard was his "big one", making his answer "not quite a million anymore".

The lender takes the binder off of Neely's hands and browses through it. He counts Grimer, Tentacool, Omanyte and Mewtwo among the cards, to which Jefferey responds by saying that Mewtwo is a "good one". The shark quickly cuts his argument short, however, and simply tells him that he is a fascinating character caught between two worlds of Pokemon and humans, and nobody cares, and he's worth four dollars.

The loan shark looks further into the catalog and finds only more problems, from Mysterious Fossil cards to incomplete sets. The intimidating usurer eventually concludes that the binder is basically worthless, throwing it back to the debter. He then demands his money again.

Jefferey tries to calm him down and tells him that he has another way of paying him: Beanie Babies. The lender, after hearing this, threateningly orders Neely to respond truthfully to his next question - if they still have their tags on them. Jefferey confirms his expectations. The sketch ends with the shark affirming that he'll think about the offer.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 0:44. He's buried in the pile of stuff at the right side of the screen.