The Man Who Can't Finish Anything

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The Man Who Can't Finish Anything
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Date Released July 24, 2017
Length 2:37
Game N/A

The Man Who Can't Finish Anything is a sketch about not being able to finish anything.

Description: "So much media to consume, so little patience for any of it."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The sketch begins with Ethan and Kyle having a conversation about The Princess Bride but Ethan tells Kyle that he never finished it because Glow came out on Netflix and he started to watch that instead. However, since the new season of Game of Thrones started he didn't get to finish Glow either. Kyle questions if he finished Game of Thrones and Ethan tells him he didn't. Kyle then asks why he didn't finish anything he started and Ethan replies that there's always something new and if he doesn't keep up he can't be a part of society, and if he isn't a part of society he'll be forced to watch things that lonely travelers watch. Kyle questions how only watching the first half of everything helps and questions why he doesn't just watch half as many things all the way through. Ethan responds that if he just watches some of everything he can just fake the things he doesn't know.

Kyle suggests to just watch things for enjoyment and Ethan responds by asking Kyle who his favorite Harry Potter character is. Kyle isn't able to answer because he never read it and Ethan points out how the conversation has come to a grinding halt, he's insulted the contact, the deal doesn't go through, and they've just lost their supplier to the Gambino family. Kyle questions the scenario that Ethan is trying to make and if he intentionally stops at the parts where people almost die. Ethan tells him that everyday there's a new game, movie, show, young adult novel and he just can't keep up with them all. Kyle asks him what the last thing he finished was and Ethan responds with The Sopranos to which Kyle exclaims that it doesn't even have a real ending. Ethan then gets a phone call and puts the conversation on hold to take it. Kyle then accuses him of only having a terrible attention span and tells him that he leaves half eaten sandwiches in the fridge, his walls are two different colors, and he can't even finish the jobs that he gives to him. The outro then plays and Kyle walks on screen. Ethan claims that he thought Kyle was done talking and tells him that he was going to just watch the next video really quick. Kyle, Allison, and Ethan are then in a Community Comments and Kyle tells Ethan that he's the worst.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Ethan is so incapable of finishing anything he doesn't even finish the video.
  • Kyle has never actually read Harry Potter