The Jefferey and Joey Show 2

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The Jefferey and Joey Show 2
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Date Released May 9, 2018
Length 5:45
Game N/A

The Jefferey and Joey Show 2 is a sequel to The Jefferey and Joey Show. The sketch was uploaded as a bonus video and features a variety of ads made by Jefferey and Joey.

Description: "Jefferey and Joey have taken over the channel again with The Jefferey and Joey Show 2! Tune in for hard-hitting news, nail-biting action, and fast-selling ad slots. Mostly just the ads, actually. It's all ads."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Joey Basham Himself


The sketch begins with a long introduction credits sequence with shots of Jefferey shaking hands with various different hands, most of which are inanimate objects. After the intro sequence Jefferey and Joey are seen sitting on a couch in front of a cardboard sign in suits and holding cardboard mugs. They welcome the audience and mention how they have more investors this time around. They then show an ad of a show called "Who's That Guy?" where Jefferey is attempting to find out who Joey is. There are various scenes of Joey running away from Jefferey.

It then cuts back to them having a conversation on the couch and Jefferey is caught off guard. They then show another ad, this time of a Russian drink. The ad has dubstep music playing while a guy in a LED hoodie and vr headset dances to it. It then plays another ad of the movie "Hotdogman The Movie" while a voice over in Batman's voice plays over the ad. It cuts back to the couch and Jefferey tries to tell a story but is cut off by Joey introducing another sponsor.

The next ad is targeted towards kids who aren't doing anything and is advertising going outside and doing things for $29.99 a month and to just call a phone number that is shown on screen. Back at the couch they are complimenting the makers of the ad and Joey comments on how they should get a promotion. They then try and speed through the ads and accidentally begins to fast forward the show. They try to fix it but only speed it up more. They begin to fight over the remote to try and fix the fast forwarding. It then speeds through various ads. The first one is about playing basketball in virtual reality. The next is about a man hiding in a closet stealing food. And another shows Jefferey being attacked by a grabber toy and Joey playing with a puppet. It cuts back to the couch where Jefferey and Joey are now physically fighting over the remote. It then cuts back to the ad and Joey is wearing a camouflage hat and sunglasses while waving a paintbrush around. The next ad is of two suffer dudes talking before cutting to Jefferey cooking. Back at the couch the two are still fighting over the remote before the credits roll. After the credits Jefferey and Joey are back at normal speed and lying on the couch exhausted. They talk about how this was the best show yet and high-five.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The Russian text translates to "Bear Eggs" using Google Translate.
  • Jefferey and Joey made the ads so Joey is saying that they should get a promotion.
  • In the credits Jefferey is credited as "Best Boy" while Adolf Hitler is credited as "Worst Boy" as a reference to the credits of the 1980 movie Airplane!.


  • The hotdog costume was used in the first The Jefferey and Joey Show.
  • The surfer dudes from the first The Jefferey and Joey Show are seen for a few seconds.
  • The phone number (605-475-6962) leads to an automated number for "How to Keep an Idiot Entertained."


  • This video was made entirely by Jefferey and Joey and was edited by Joey. Kyle had absolutely no involvement in the creation of the show.