The Jefferey and Joey Show

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The Jefferey and Joey Show
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Date Released February 20, 2017
Length 4:48
Game N/A

The Jefferey and Joey Show is a series of small shorts recorded and edited by Jefferey and Joey.

Description: "Welcome to The Jefferey and Joey Show, starring Jefferey and Joey! Since we couldn't put out our usual sketch today due to a recent personal tragedy, Jefferey and Joey came to the rescue with their very own production! Contains 0% Kyle, serves 65,000."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Joey Basham Himself


The sketch begins with static, before a visual of Jefferey and Joey are shown in a cardboard television, introducing themselves and informing the viewers that they're taking over the channel for the week. While Jefferey is hacking into the channel, Joey asks him if they have 3-D enabled. Jefferey enables it and they then proceed to stick their arms through the TV. Jefferey then tells Joey that they're having some problems as the view becomes unfocused. They send the viewers to some messages from their sponsors and the screen then cuts to a technical difficulties screen where Jefferey, in a hotdog costume, is dancing. In the next scene, Jefferey is drawing on some paper as Joey walks in. The two then both begin to have a conversation in Japanese, ending with Jefferey handing Joey a small bottle with some liquid inside. Basham drinks from it, smiles, and a japanese ad song begins to play.

The video cuts back to Jefferey and Joey in the middle of a conversation about science in Civilization. It then cuts back to the technical difficulties screen before another sponsor's message plays. This time, Joey is sitting on the couch playing the ukulele when Jefferey appears and asks what he's practicing for. Joey then tells him that he's practicing in case someone wants him to "bust out some sweet jams" when they're on vacation. The video then becomes an ad about paying Jefferey and Joey to hang out with the viewers on vacation by going to their website. The video then cuts back and they're still talking about Civilization, but this time they're talking about wars.

The technical difficulties screen appears again before an ad plays for Joey teaching the viewers on how to do Russian squats. In the ad, he shows off his Russian accent and squats. It cuts back again to Jefferey and Joey talking about Civilization's culture victory before cutting to Jefferey, still in the hotdog suit, crying and drinking from a flask. The "technical" in "technical difficulties" has been crossed out. It cuts back to Jefferey and Joey trying to figure out their issues and Joey presses a button, ending the sketch.


  • The website in the vacation ad currently doesn't lead to anywhere. It used to take users to a fan site, however.