The Guards Themselves - Part 4

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The Guards Themselves - Part 4
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Date Released September 28, 2015
Length 17:08

The Guards Themselves - Part 4 is the last episode of The Guards Themselves. In this episode, the climax occurs, with a final confrontation between the protagonists and the antagonist.

Description: "After failing to rescue their comrades and accidentally rescuing their enemies instead, the group tries to find any weakness they can to defeat Meyer for good."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Jefferey Neely Richie/The Arsonist
Thomas Velie Lincoln
Reid Sullivan Messier
Joey Basham Messier (Voice), Others
Cassandra Klepac Katie/Spectacle
JP De Ovando Paul/Mr. Justice
Kevin Machate Garrett Meyer
Mitchell Deane Artemis Cossling
Peggy Schott Sylvia Crowe
Eric Stewart Tedd Gunn
Nicole Cory Jenny
Laura Ray News Anchor


The episode begins with a press conference with Meyer, asking for all crimefighters to step down as any further interference will result in damages and any who are found continuing to do vigilante work will be arrested and fined. Meanwhile, at the Anarchist Bunker, Big Fist tells Justice and Spectactle that they can stay in the bunker until everything blows over, while Noam works on his "Magic Bag" again, accidentally causing a small explosion when he attempts to plug in a pair of headphones. Lincoln, who's watching the work of the anarchist, talks to him about his relationship with Spectacle. The conversation provides some insight into both characters' backstories, revealing that the two (Noam and Katie) know each other since elementary school.

Meyer then talks to his guards, belittling them for failing to capture the anarchist team that infiltrated their base. The CEO vociferates and shouts, ending his reprimand by saying that half of them will be replaced by the next day.

At the Bunker, Noam finds Katie depressed in the living room, saying that she wants to go home. The anarchist tells her that they have to stay because of the oligarchs, and that they have to fight them because no one else does or even knows that they should. Noam also criticizes the Crimefighters for ruining their work, but says that, if they help the anarchists get rid of Meyer, he'll let them go. Katie accepts this proposal.

The next day, Lincoln shows Noam the recording he got of Meyer’s interrogation. Noam notices that Meyer begins to talk a lot when he realizes that nothing can threaten him, and begins to formulate a plan. The anarchist calls the CEO and invites him to make a deal. He sends an address to the man and waits for him there.

Meyer arrives there with his men, though Big Fist and Messier stop them from entering. Garrett then enters alone in a room with Noam and Lincoln, with the latter secretly recording the conversation. MasterFusion begins by asking Meyer to release his teammates and revealing that they know his entire plan. The CEO then queries if his proposal is for him to release the anarchists and for them to refrain from leaking his plan to the public, though Noam says that it is not, as Meyer would just cover the evidence up. The anarchist reveals that he has an explosive inside Meyer's building and that he will activate it if Meyer doesn't comply with his demands. Meyer is unphased, however, saying that while he does believe that Noam is speaking the truth, attributing the act of planting the bomb to Richie, things would only get worse for the anarchists if that button gets pushed, as they would be branded as national terrorists.

After making his statement, the CEO pushes the button. Noam, surprised, turns around to see an explosion inside Meyer's building. Garrett calls it impressive, and then moves on to belittle the anarchists and claim that his only true enemies are his four "colleagues". Noam makes a sly grim while Meyer continues to talk, revealing that he plans on taking down the other oligarchs. When he finally notices that Lincoln is recording him, it is too late. Meyer gets knocked out by Messier and the group escapes with the evidence, fighting their way through his guards.

The recording is then sent to Artemis Cossling, Sylvia Crowe, Jenny and Tedd Gunn. Meyer, meanwhile, visits his building to find a pair of headphones laying on the ground. Two guards then appear to send him to jail, as the four oligarchs turn against him. With this, the series ends.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 12:35. He is barely visible in a window on the building across from Meyer's.


  • When Noam makes a phone call to Meyer, the CEO answers by calling him "Thomas", which is the alias Noam used when he was disguised as the IT Employee. This reveals that either Garrett figured out that "Thomas" was actually Noam or that he recognized Noam's voice during the call.
  • The explosion at Meyer's building was actually caused by Noam's Magic Bag and headphones. That's why the building didn't get destroyed.