The Guards Themselves - Part 3

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The Guards Themselves - Part 3
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Date Released September 21, 2015
Length 15:20

The Guards Themselves - Part 3 is the third episode of The Guards Themselves. The episode features major plot developments and reintroduces Licoln.

Description: "The new anarchist crew is ready to strike back at Meyer and rescue their teammates! But first they have to find out where either of things are."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Jefferey Neely Richie/The Arsonist
Thomas Velie Lincoln
Reid Sullivan Messier
Joey Basham Messier (Voice), Others
Cassandra Klepac Katie/Spectacle
JP De Ovando Paul/Mr. Justice
Kevin Machate Garrett Meyer
Mitchell Deane Artemis Cossling
Steph Ortiz Emma
Kara Mellyn Meyer’s Assistant
Shawn Korns Shawn
Heath Allyn Harold


The episode begins with MasterFusion working on his "Magic Bag", which got damaged by an electric shock during the anarchist's fight against Spectacle. Big Fist teases him and Messier encourages him to use it as a weapon, but Noam shakes off both comments. After some trinketing and messing around, Noam accidentally creates an explosion, pulling Richie's attention, who proposes getting tools to restore the bag. MasterFusion says that they don't have any money, and that there isn't a store where they can simply "get" it.

This sentence makes Noam realize that Lincoln can do that, and him and Richie head over to his place. There, they discover that Lincoln doesn't know what is going on, and so, they show him what happened. After seeing and hearing about the raid, Lincoln awkwardly offers to help, to which Noam responds by saying that they need him to use the bank. Lincoln immediately refuses, and the two begin to argue, being eventually interrupted by Richie, who questions if Lincoln is rich. The young man explains that he has the power of generating pennies from his hands. After this, MasterFusion finally says that they are going to infiltrate a place later in the day, and so, having more backup would be useful. Lincoln accepts the proposal.

The next scene shows Lincoln and Richie arguing with each other, both being Noam's backup in Meyer's building. MasterFusion is disguised as an IT Employee, using the ID Card that the Anarchists got from a guard. The anarchist ascends inside the elevator and gets to one of the floors, walking through the offices and eventually entering an employee's room. As soon as Noam gets to the PC, the man that works there, Harold, also enters the compartment. The two have a mild altercation, and MasterFusion begins to leave. Before he can get to the door, however, Harold stops him, and asks him to help him with something.

Meanwhile, Artemis Cossling enters the building, briefly talking to Meyer's assistant before deciding to go looking for Meyer himself. Back to Noam, Harold asks several ignorant questions about viruses before showing him his e-mail account, commenting about strange messages he's been receiving about "burning in his own limbs". Noam notices that one of his e-mails contains the prison's address, and so, the anarchist finishes his mission there.

During Noam's escape from the building, he enters an elevator. The machine quickly begins to ascend, much to the anarchist's panic, who doesn't know what is happening. When the doors finally open, Meyer and Cossling enter the compartment, making Noam instantly turn his head to the other side. Artemis and Meyer then talk, with the former commenting about the latter's purchases of his shares and the latter saying that he'll interrogate one of the anarchists that night. Garrett also notices Noam in the elevator, briefly greeting him. Noam introduces himself as "Thomas, new IT guy" to him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Justice and Spectacle are bored in the city, though quickly hear a cry for help. As Mr. Justice begins yet another speech, Spectacle runs to the scene, making him have to stop talking. When the two get there, they find three Meyer guards surrounding an Anarchist. Paul initially calls them "evildoers", but quickly regrets that when he realizes that they're the police. The two sides begin to have an argument when one of the guards tells Paul that he's in a restricted area, and ends with the same guard hitting Justice in the back. Spectacle tries to tase one of the officers, but stops when all three of them point their guns. The duo promptly raise their hands, and get hauled to jail.

The anarchists briefly make preparations at their base before finally deciding to assault Meyer's prison that night. Messier first infiltrates the facility by sneaking past and killing some guards, enabling the rest of the team to enter without problems. When they get to the other anarchists, however, they are met with hostility and disapproval. Richie, meanwhile, notices Meyer in one of the other cells, and calls Lincoln to record his interrogation with Shawn. The CEO tries to sound dangerous and menacing, though Shawn doesn't move in the slightest. At one point, Garrett becomes some worked up that he admits to buying the police and begins to slur several (censored) swear words. Eventually, Meyer's guards notice The Arsonist and Licoln, and sound the alarm.

The two anarchists run to the rest of the group, forcing everyone to leave the prison. In their way back to the stairs, they stumble upon Spectacle, who is also trying to escape. While Noam refuses to help, the rest of the archists disagree and let her go with them. After that, Big Fist, Messier, The Arsonist, Spectacle and Mr. Justice fight their way to escape, with MasterFusion and Lincoln closely behind. They eventually get to the stairs and exit the prison.

The episode ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The "burning in his own limbs" e-mail comes from Messier. That's a reference to the anarchist's mailing list, mentioned in Episode 2.