The Guards Themselves - Part 2

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The Guards Themselves - Part 2
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Date Released September 14, 2015
Length 14:00

The Guards Themselves - Part 2 is the second episode of The Guards Themselves. The episode introduces Messier and develops character relations.

Description: "Their headquarters compromised and most of their ranks arrested, the Noam, Scott, and the remaining anarchists must regroup, rebuild, and retaliate against those who are hunting them down."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Jefferey Neely Richie/The Arsonist
Thomas Velie Lincoln
Reid Sullivan Messier
Joey Basham Messier (Voice), Others
Cassandra Klepac Katie/Spectacle
JP De Ovando Paul/Mr. Justice
Kevin Machate Garrett Meyer
Kara Mellyn Meyer’s Assistant
Laura Ray News Anchor


The episode begins with a news broadcast reporting Meyer's raid at the Anarchist Base. Meanwhile, Noam calls Scott, telling him about what happened and asking him to head to the Anarchist Bunker. After ending the call, MasterFusion hears gunshots in the nearby area, and goes towards them to discover their origin. With this, the anarchist meets Messier, a violent and potentially robotic warrior that was imprisioned by Emma. Noam immediately asks for him to be more quiet, as they are under attack, and the two go to the bunker.

When the duo finally arrives there, they meet Richie, who was already there, and Scott, who just arrived. Each character reacts differently to their situation: Scott panics due to the small amount of remaining anarchists, Richie becomes excited at the prospect of saving everyone else, and Messier claims that the ones now imprisioned deserve what they got after locking him up. Noam, meanwhile, calms down the discussion and asks for everyone to sleep, as they will decide what to do in the next morning.

Meyer appears in the "Everything is Fine! - There's Nothing to Worry About" show, talking to the hostess about his operation and how he's going to supplement the police force with his own security officers. In the next day, the four remaining anarchists discuss how they are going to save the rest of the team, eventually concluding that they need a security officer ID badge to infiltrate Meyer's building and discover the prison's location.

While the anarchists are discussing their plans, Meyer talks to his assistant, inspecting his new prison while questioning her about the anarchist raid. The CEO ends up discovering that four anarchists are still on the loose, getting angry about this and yelling to his guards to find them.

Later that day, MasterFusion, Big Fist, The Arsonist and Messier assault a security guard in an attempt to get his ID Badge. Mr. Justice and Spectacle, who were in the area, confront Big Fist and MasterFusion, respectively. The male vigilante chases Big Fist through a parking lot, though the former gets surprised by The Arsonist and bumps into the security guard, getting knocked out. Spectacle, meanwhile, punches, slaps and tases Noam, annoying him and sabotaging his mission. Although the fight begins in her favor, MasterFusion is eventually able to defeat her by shocking her taser and making her trip. The anarchist then meets up with Messier and obtains the guard's badge.

The episode ends.