The Guards Themselves - Part 1

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The Guards Themselves - Part 1
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Date Released September 7, 2015
Length 12:23

The Guards Themselves - Part 1 is the first episode of The Guards Themselves. The episode introduces the main characters and ends with Meyer's raid.

Description: "In a city secretly controlled by the rich and selfish, local anarchists have organized themselves into a single force with the goal of sabotaging the corrupt corporate figureheads."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Jefferey Neely Richie/The Arsonist
Thomas Velie Lincoln
Joey Basham Messier (Voice), Others
Cassandra Klepac Katie/Spectacle
JP De Ovando Paul/Mr. Justice
Kevin Machate Garrett Meyer
Mitchell Deane Artemis Cossling
Peggy Schott Sylvia Crowe
Eric Stewart Tedd Gunn
Nicole Cory Jenny
Steph Ortiz Emma
Laura Ray News Anchor
Shawn Korns Shawn


The episode begins with TGT's opening intro, showing the main credits and using news pages to introduce some plot points. The local anarchists in the city have banded together to try and take down the Oligarchs. In response, nearly a hundred local citizens, following the lead of Mr. Justice and Spectacle, have begun to fight back against The Anarchists. Garrett Meyer unveils his new Personal Security Guard program to combat vigilantes which will supplement the local police force.

Noam and Scott are seen looking at a large pillar of smoke, which the former calls excessive. The two infiltrate into the "Queen & Lord" bank, aiming to shut down the alarms and allow Emma's team to enter. Once inside, they are surprised to see one of Meyer’s Personal Security Agents, as they were expecting the bank to be empty. Scott manages to punch the guard, however, and the duo reaches the security room.

There, Big Fist hits another guard and comments that their helmets don't really protect them. The two then attempt to shut off the alarms, but are stopped by Paul and Katie, a Crimefighting duo. The latter tases and pushes MasterFusion around, treating the conflict as a joke, while the former fights and trades hair product tips with Scott. When the other members of the anarchists enter the bank, they set off the alarms and are forced to retreat to not get caught by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Meyer is explaining his plan to get rid of The Anarchists with the help of the local police. The other Oligarchs, consisting of Sylvia Crowe, Tedd Gunn, and Mrs. Lord representative, Jenny, aren’t pleased with his sudden control over the police and interest over The Anarchists, as the other Oligarchs only see them as no more than a mere nuisance. Artemis Cossling VI, arriving late due to having to deal with reporters about a break-in he had last night, brings to The Oligarchs’ attention that several of his shareholders have been receiving offers from an anonymous lawyer on their QNET stock. He goes on to explain that the only people in the entire city who have the money to buy all his shareholders at once are The Oligarchs. The meeting is interrupted by a phone call informing them that there was an attempted break-in by The Anarchists, proving Meyer's point that the Anarchists are a threat. A news broadcast later that day reports the failed mission to the general public, congratulating the Crimefighters and criticizing the Anarchists, calling them "domestic terrorists".

Back at The Anarchists’ base, after the failed raid, Noam and Scott get reprimanded by Emma, as they failed to deal with the Crimefighters. She then informs The Anarchists of a problem that Shawn gathered, which is that one of The Oligarchs are planning a raid, but are unsure of when. Messier, who is inside a metal cage, interrupts the conversation and deprecates them for having imprisioned him, claiming that their enemies would be annhilated if they didn't do that. Emma shuts him up and goes on to scold Richie because he didn’t follow the plan to burn down a single house, instead burning down an additional eight houses because he "still had fire left." Emma then dismisses them for the day and announces that their next meeting is the next morning, ordering them to avoid being late as they will discuss the raid. Noam is then seen the next morning missing the meeting due to a detour at Lincoln’s apartment to acquire some more money. The two have a brief, awkward conversation, and Noam leaves. On his way to the base, he recounts all the things that are going wrong in his life. When he gets there, however, he sees that the police has arrested all The Anarchists that were at the meeting. He then quickly runs away to avoid getting arrested as well.