The Guards Themselves

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The Guards Themselves
The guards themselves.jpg
The Guards Themselves Film Poster
Director Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn
Producer Alan Gilbert, Joey Basham, Michael Sullivan
Writer Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn
Starring -Kyle Sullivan
-Ian Conn
-Jefferey Neely
-Reid Sullivan
-Thomas Velie
-Cassandra Klepac
-JP De Ovando
-Kevin Machate
Music Shadow of Whales
Cinematography Eve Parker
Javo Murillo
Editing Kyle Sullivan
Date Released September 7, 2015 (Part 1)
September 14, 2015 (Part 2)
September 21, 2015 (Part 3)
September 28, 2015 (Part 4)
Length 59:05
Budget $4,430

The Guards Themselves is a 2015 American superhero film produced by Door Monster and distributed through Youtube, Amazon Video, and the Door Monster website. The film is written and directed by Kyle Sullivan and features an ensemble cast which includes Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn, Jefferey Neely, Reid Sullivan, and Thomas Veile as the Anarchists. Alongside The Anarchists the film also includes Cassandra Klepac, JP De Ovando, and Kevin Machate.

The film takes place in a fictional city that is secretly controlled by the rich and selfish. A local group of anarchists have come together as a single force to take down the corrupt corporate figureheads. This film focuses on The Anarchists battling against Garrett Meyer as he and his Personal Security Agents attempt to take them out to further his own personal goals.


Part 1[edit]

The local anarchists in the city have banded together to try and take down the Oligarchs. In response, nearly a hundred local citizens, following the lead of Mr. Justice and Spectacle, have begun to fight back against The Anarchists. Garrett Meyer unveils his new Personal Security Guard program to combat vigilantes which will supplement the local police force.

Noam and Scott are seen looking at a large pillar of smoke right before they begin their mission to disable the alarms so the rest of their team of anarchists can infiltrate the bank where The Oligarchs’ money is stored. Once inside, they are surprised to see one of Meyer’s Personal Security Agents, as they were expecting the bank to be empty. The two then attempt to shut off the alarms, but are stopped by Paul and Katie. When the other members of the team of anarchists enter the bank they set off the alarms and are forced to retreat as to not get caught by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Meyer is explaining his plan to get rid of The Anarchists with the help of the local police. The other Oligarchs aren’t pleased with his sudden control over the police and interest with The Anarchists, as the other Oligarchs only see them as no more than a mere nuisance. Artemis Cossling, arriving late because he had to deal with reporters about a break in he had last night, brings to The Oligarchs’ attention that several of his shareholders have been receiving offers from an anonymous lawyer on their QNET stock. He goes on to explain that the only people in the entire city who have the money to buy all his shareholders at once are The Oligarchs. The meeting is interrupted by a phone call informing them that there was an attempted break-in by The Anarchists.

Back at The Anarchists’ base after the failed raid, Noam and Scott are getting reprimanded by Emma. She then informs The Anarchists of a problem that Shawn gathered which is that one of The Oligarch are planning a raid, but are unsure of when. Emma also goes on to reprimand Richie because he didn’t follow the plan to burn down a single house, instead burning down an additional eight houses because he "still had fire left." Emma then dismisses them for the day and announces their next meeting is the next morning and to not be late so they can discuss the raid. Noam is then seen the next morning missing the meeting because he went over to Lincoln’s apartment to acquire more money. On his way to the base Noam recounts all the things that are going wrong in his life. When he gets to the base he sees that the police had arrested all The Anarchists that were at the meeting. He then quickly runs away as to avoid getting arrested as well.

Part 2[edit]

Once Noam is far enough away from the base he calls Scott using a rotary phone from his bag and informs him that he needs to leave his house because all The Anarchists were arrested at the meeting. He tells Scott to meet him at the emergency bunker as soon as possible as the police will be looking for them and if he runs into anyone on the way to the bunker to bring them with him but not to actually contact anyone. After hanging up the phone Noam hears gunfire coming from a nearby park and goes to investigate.

It is revealed that Messier, who was previously locked up in The Anarchists’ base after being deemed too reckless, is the one who is causing the gunfire. Noam brings Messier with him to the bunker, avoiding Meyer’s Personal Security Agents on the way and once they get there they find Richie alone. Scott enters the bunker soon after and begins to panic about the lack of anarchists who are left after the raid. Noam informs Scott that no one can go home anymore since the police are now actively hunting them. Messier then threatens to kill Scott because of his ignorance to who he is, but Noam stops him and orders him to put all his weapons on the table. Messier complies and Noam then tells everyone to go to bed for the time being so they can figure out what to do together after they get some rest.

The next morning Noam and the remaining anarchists gather around so they can discuss their plan on how to dethrone The Oligarchs. Noam points out that of the four Oligarchs they know only Meyer is currently actively trying to kill them, so if they get rid of Meyer they should be fine. They then begin to formulate a plan to rescue the captured anarchists by taking a badge off of one of Meyer’s Personal Security Agents and breaking into Meyer’s central headquarters to locate where their allies are being held captive.

The remaining anarchists then begin to put their plan into action by drawing the attention of a lone security agent. In the area, Paul and Katie are signing autographs for their fans when Katie notices Noam surveying the area up on the catwalk. Katie and Paul then split up to take on the remaining anarchists with Katie going after Noam and Paul going after Scott. Katie and Noam then begin to fight as Richie leads the agent into Messier’s line of sight. Paul follows Scott over to where the agent is and accidentally runs into the agent while trying to catch him. As Katie tries to taze Noam he intercepts her with a pair of jumper cables from his bag, causing a small explosion. After taking care of her he goes over to the agent, who is knocked out by Messier, and takes his badge.

Part 3[edit]

Noam is seen working on his bag, which is essentially a large battery, back at the bunker. The bag then causes a small explosion which Noam explains is malfunctioning because of the electrical surge from Katie’s taser. Noam and Richie then head over to Lincoln’s apartment to acquire more money and find that he is completely unaware of what’s been going on. Lincoln offers to help The Anarchists with more than just getting them money. Noam assigns him the jobs of supervising the backup, which involves watching over Richie to make sure he doesn’t burn anything down, and monitoring the cameras.

Noam heads into Meyer’s building disguised as an IT guy as Lincoln and Richie wait in the lobby downstairs. Noam makes his way to Harold’s office and is able to acquire information on the whereabouts of the captured anarchists through an email Meyer sent to his employees about the new jail. Noam then heads back down the elevator, but it begins to head up. Meyer and Artemis then enter the elevator while discussing Artemis’s stock.

After preparing in the bunker, The Anarchists break into the prison and are able to quickly locate their captured allies. They, however, have no way to actually get them out of the cells. Richie and Lincoln split off from the group and head to the interrogation room where Meyer is interrogating Shawn. Lincoln records the interrogation on his phone, but they are eventually seen, forcing them to leave the prison without the captured anarchists. On their way out they run into Katie and Paul who were arrested for interfering with the agents. They bring them back to the bunker with them, despite Noam’s protests.

Part 4[edit]

Tensions are high back at the bunker after the unsuccessful prison raid. Noam continues to work on his bag and once again causes a small explosion when he attempts to plug in a pair of headphones. On TV, Meyer asks all crimefighters to step down as any further interference will result in damages and any who are found continuing to do vigilante work will be arrested and fined. The next day Lincoln shows Noam the recording he got of Meyer’s interrogation. Noam then begins to formulate a plan on how to take down Meyer.

Noam calls Meyer to propose a deal and sets up a meetup point to discuss it. Meyer goes over to the location with a group of agents, despite being asked to come alone. Though, Scott and Messier stop him from bringing the group inside when he goes to talk with Noam. Once upstairs Noam threatens Meyer to release their teammates or he'll blow up his headquarters with a remote detonator. Meyer calls his bluff and activates the bomb himself which blows up his office. Meyer then goes on to monologue about his real plan, and only after he finishes does he notice that Lincoln had been sitting in the room recording the entire time. The Anarchists then make their escape from the building with the recording. After they escape, Noam sends the footage of Meyer threatening the other Oligarchs to them. After the other Oligarchs watch the video Meyer gets arrested.


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Jefferey Neely Richie/The Arsonist
Thomas Velie Lincoln
Reid Sullivan Messier
Joey Basham Messier (Voice), Others
Cassandra Klepac Katie/Spectacle
JP De Ovando Paul/Mr. Justice
Kevin Machate Garrett Meyer
Mitchell Deane Artemis Cossling
Peggy Schott Sylvia Crowe
Eric Stewart Tedd Gunn
Nicole Cory Jenny
Steph Ortiz Emma
Kara Mellyn Meyer’s Assistant
Laura Ray News Anchor
Shawn Korns Shawn
Heath Allyn Harold


The Guards Themselves was originally filmed in 2013 and funded through Kickstarter.


The initial release date was July of 2013, however it ended being pushed back two years due to the post-production process taking longer than anticipated. On September 7, 2015 Door Monster began releasing The Guards Themselves in four parts on their Youtube channel with each part coming out on a Monday.


  • DoodleConn can be seen in the window across from Meyer’s building at 12:35 in part 4.