The Freddy Fazbear Experiment

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The Freddy Fazbear Experiment
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Date Released March 30, 2015
Length 4:20
Game Five Nights at Freddy's

The Freddy Fazbear Experiment is a sketch about how a psychology professor is questionably experimenting on people by scaring them.

Description: "Behind the scenes of Five Night's At Freddy's, a sinister mind is pulling the strings - it's a really bored psychology professor."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan The Psychology Professor
JP De Ovando Security Guard
Matt Locke Student #1
Cesar Riojas Student #2
Allison Devery Student #3
Ian Conn Student #4
Rachel Butcher Student #5


The sketch begins with JP sitting in a dimly lit room by himself. There are various noises happening around him and he get a phone call from Kyle. As he's listening to Kyle talk he's furiously switching between cameras on his laptop as more sounds happen around him. He gets jump scared by a yellow animatronic duck staring at him through the camera.

The scene changes to reveal that Kyle is actually a psychology professor who, along with his students, are watching JP. Kyle goes on to explain the experiment and how they created a fictional children's pizza place to scare people who apply for the job of security guard through an ad from the local newspaper. To give the security guards a sense of control they provided various defense measures, one of which is a set of doors that requires power from a limited and shared power supply to stay closed.

Kyle then goes on ask the students why they think the experiment was conducted. The students give their own explanations and any student that gave an explanation that was too "meta", such as Ian's, were kicked out of the classroom. Kyle then gives the whole class A's and Rachel asks him which one the right answer was. Kyle then kicks her out of the classroom as well.

He assigns the class a homework assignment to come up with an idea for a similar experiment along with legally and valid reasons for conducting said experiment. Their next class will focus on an experiment which involves sending a person into the woods alone to retrieve "vital documents" as Kyle's friend Greg chases them around while wearing a mask with no face.

The sketch ends.