The Arsonist (Character)

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The Arsonist
Actor Jefferey Neely
Occupation Anarchist; Arsonist
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

The Arsonist, also known as Richie, is one of the main anarchists from The Guards Themselves. He is extremely proficient in spreading fires, detonating explosives, and other dangerous weapons and activities. Richie acts in a childish manner, commemorating when chaos occurs and being somewhat unintelligent.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

The result of The Arsonist's actions is the first thing shown in the episode - a giant cloud of smoke rising up in the middle of the city. Richie is later seen during the Anarchist meeting after the failed mission, when Emma, the Resistance Leader, questions him on why did he burn eight more houses than the necessary. Richie, innocently smiling throughout the whole conversation, justifies the behavior by saying that "he still had fire left". Emma becomes frustrated by this, and ends the meeting.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

Richie is seen again after MasterFusion and Messier reach the Resistance Bunker, along with Scott. During the ensuing discussion, The Arsonist argues for saving everyone who got locked up in jail, contrary to Messier's wishes. The next day, Richie meets with the others to plan what to do next. When Messier talks about his weekly e-mails regarding fire and limbs, the childish man calls this "awesome". MasterFusion, on the other hand, disapproves of this, and begins to discuss on how they will find the rest of the Anarchists. Scott suggests getting the address from the Meyer building, and Richie adds that they can steal an ID Badge from one of the "helmet guards" to infiltrate it. The group then heads out to knock out a guard. The Arsonist acts mainly as bait and distraction, so that MasterFusion and Messier can obtain the ID Badge. After slight confrontation with the Crimefighters, they succeed.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

After MasterFusion accidentally detonates his "Magic Bag", Richie comes to check if there are any fires. When the former claims that he doesn't have anything to fix it, Richie suggests getting tools. Noam then claims that he can't afford them, to which Richie says that they should get money. MasterFusion, out of patience, says that there isn't a store that they can get money, before realizing that he can visit Lincoln. The two then head to Lincoln's apartment. After seeing mountains of pennies all over his living room, Richie asks if he's rich. The man explains that he can generate pennies from his hands whenever he wants.

After that, the three head to the Meyer building, though The Arsonist does nothing other than try to start a fire. Noam successfully gets the prison's address, and all the five arsonists head to it. When they get there, MasterFusion, Messier and Emma start a heated discussion, while Richie and Lincoln witness Shawn's interrogation, in which Meyer almost spills his entire plan. They are subsequently seen, and the group is forced to leave. The Arsonist kills several guards with his flamethrower and a gas canister, helping the team escape.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Back at the Resistance Bunker, Big Fist and Mr. Justice talk for a bit. After hearing Paul's unusual way of speaking, Richie calls it "stupid". The conversation is interrupted, however, when Noam's "Magic Bag" explodes again, making The Arsonist cheer. He is present during the rest of the anarchist discussions, though doesn't contribute much to it.

The Arsonist is absent during the final confrontation between Meyer and MasterFusion. This is crucial to the Anarchists' plan, however, as Meyer is lead to believe that Richie was the one behind the building explosion. This is later implied to be true, as Meyer discovers a pair of headphones where the explosion from MasterFusion's "Magic Bag" occurred. This ties back to the time Noam detonated his "Magic Bag" with a pair of headphones.

Back in the Ring[edit]

Richie is briefly mentioned in Back in the Ring, and it is said that he burned down a park while Noam and Scott had their discussion.



Emma treats Richie like a child when she reprimands him for using more fire than instructed.


Richie is on good terms with Noam as he willingly follows his orders.

Scott/Big Fist[edit]

Richie and Scott have their differences on their thoughts about the bunker as Richie likes the bunker and thinks it's "awesome", while Scott complained about it the whole time.


Richie and Messier have opposing ideas on what to do with their captured teammates, as Richie wants to go and rescue them while Messier would rather they sit and rot in jail. The two do share a fondness for fires, though, given Richie's reaction to Messier's mailing list.

Paul/Mr. Justice[edit]

Richie's first encounter with Paul is when he runs in the path of his flamethrower while he's distracting the Meyer security guard. He believes that Paul "talks stupid."


Richie is often being watched by Lincoln, under the instruction of Noam. They seem to be on good terms and Lincoln does a good job at making sure he doesn't hurt himself too bad. Richie is at first curious on whether Lincoln's rich, but quickly loses interest when he begins to talk about his powers. Richie chooses to drag Lincoln with him to the interrogation room where Meyer was interrogating Shawn.

Garrett Meyer[edit]

Richie is the one who overhears Meyer's Security Agents talking about interrogating Shawn and is one of the ones who watches it happen.