Talk to the Hand

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Talk to the Hand
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Date Released May 8, 2017
Length 1:44
Game N/A

Talk to the Hand is a sketch featuring the Extortionist Hobo. In it, he uses a puppet to try to sell a map to a girl.

Description: "So this girl's just asking for directions one day when WHAT, WHY IS THERE A PUPPET!!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Rachel Butcher Girl/Herself?
Zed Zed


The video opens with Rachel walking up to the Hobo, asking for directions to Riverwalk. The Hobo, who was with his back turned, quickly turns around and asks if he knows where it is. Butcher, slightly confused, responds that she doesn't know.

EH thinks for a couple of seconds and offers a map for $7,50. Rachel denies it, however, explaining that she only wants to know where Riverwalk is. Insistent as always, the Extortionist says that he only helps paying customers, adding that the map is from Des Moines, and as such, it has only a slight chance for it to have something relevant.

With the awkwardness rising, Rachel declares that she'll just go ask someone else. EH pleads her to wait, however, telling her that they could team up and go on a "comical road trip". The girl, again, simply denies it.

Noticing that he's losing a "customer", the Hobo brings up his trump card: a puppet named Zed. EH starts to talk with him like the lunatic he is, while Butcher's confusion increases even more. The puppet eventually starts to try to offer the map too, though that still doesn't work. The Hobo, in another attempt of extortion, says that, if Zed is making her nervous, she could try giving him money, as that usually makes him go away.

The girl asks if he needs some type of medication, and the Extortionist responds that, while he is offended by the question, he's suffering from the loss of a "small orange person". Rachel, exasperated, questions if he's also a puppet, and adds that if the Hobo needs help, she can offer it. EH thinks for a long while, and eventually says that he wants money for a bus ticket and a sandwich. Rachel agrees, giving him some money, and says that if he needs any more help, he can tell her.

She is quickly interrupted, however, as the Hobo orders her to take the map. The sketch ends with Butcher saying, "okay".