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Hey admins, a moment of your time please[edit]

1. please add a link to the sketch list on the main page, I have to go through the writing tutorial to get there.

2. I'm new to wiki editing, so idk how to (or if I'm allowed to) add pages, please show me or add a Matt Locke and "Ian Meme" page. Thanks!

TrevorBOB (talk)

P.s. The Ian Meme is from his line in the Rimworld video where he says "Well, there was a spaceship, and then, there was a problem, and now, there's no spaceship"

I have added a link to the list on the main page, good catch on that! As for making new pages, as long as you have confirmed your email address (if the email is not in your inbox, then check your spam folder. It's a new domain/server so most mail providers are reluctant to trust us at first). Once, you know for sure that you have confirmed, you have a few options to create a page:
1. Click a red link to the page from another page on the wiki (either through the lists created, or otherwise) or
2. Go to the url of the page you want to create i.e. or
3. Search for the name of the page using the search box in the top right and then click the Create the page "Page Name" on this wiki! link
From there, you should be in the clear to start editing the page from scratch!
As for the "Ian Meme" page, for now we would like to keep it to Door Monster pages (People, Characters, Skits, Props, etc.) for now, until that information has been recorded then we might start branching into community created things.
Thanks! Pongles (talk)
Thanks! Sounds good! TrevorBOB (talk)

Btw, what's Wubbie World? It's ringing a bell... TrevorBOB (talk)

One of the first videos Kyle made was about "Wubbies", it was an idea he had in high(?)school for a video series. There are talks about plans to make some games in the Wubbieverse Pongles (talk)