TF2: Prank Time with Engie and Spy

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TF2: Prank Time with Engie and Spy
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Date Released March 16, 2015
Length 1:43
Game Team Fortress 2

TF2: Prank Time with Engie and Spy is a TF2 sketch. In it, the Engineer and the Spy prank each other in an apparent prank show.

Description: "Spy is a douchebag."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Engineer
Reid Sullivan Spy


The sketch begins with the Engineer sitting in a pool chair, playing his guitar. After a short while, he reaches for a sandwich in the pool chair next to him, and tries to take a bite. The sound of the invisibilty watch is played, however, and it is revealed that the Spy was disguised as the sandwich all along. The Engineer emits a short laugh, and the theme tune starts to play.

The theme song's lyrics convey a sense of happiness, friendship and casual rivalry. During the entire song, many pranks between both alleged friends are done and shown.

The video then cuts to the Engineer walking through the living room, until he suddenly smacks into an "invisible wall". The wall is then revealed to be the Spy, cloaked, and the theme tune plays again.

Another prank is shown. This time, Engie tries to turn on the TV, but its back explodes, making an electrical noise. The Engineer takes a step back, moderately afraid, and the Spy once again uncloaks beside the Television. Both laugh, and the theme tune plays once more. In this instance, the song alleges that both are doing "just fine".

The video then starts to show the fourth prank. In it, the Engineer is working in the kitchen, when Spy enters the room annoucing that he's back. The two have a high five, but Spy gets launched to the ground as a result of the force. The Engineer immediately panics, shaking Spy's body on the floor, but suddenly Spy uncloaks behind him, revealing a Dead Ringer.

The song starts to play once again, but Engineer tries to interrupt it, noting that Spy gets to do most of the pranks. He gets cut out by the tune, however, and isn't able to finish the sentence.

The video makes a final cut to the Engineer walking through the back of the house, with him suddenly getting stabbed in the back by the Spy. The song also plays one final time, revealing that the one that wrote, directed, produced and funded the "show" was Spy.

The sketch ends.


  • The Dead Ringer is an unlockable item for the Spy class that allows him to feign death.
  • The Engineer's wrench shown in this episode also appears in Knock On Wood.