TF2: Med School

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TF2: Med School
YT TF2MedSchool.jpg
TF2: Med School Thumbail
YouTube Link
Date Released April 3, 2017
Length 2:16
Game Team Fortress 2

TF2: Med School, starring Kyle and Ethan, is a sketch that explores the contradiction of how class dynamics are portrayed in Valve's media to how they should be to achieve victory in the game Team Fortress 2.

Description: "Some new Medic recruits learn the ropes."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan TF2 Medic (Multiple)
Ethan Gelinas TF2 Soldier (Multiple)


The sketch starts out with the Soldier screaming the word "Medic" in a matter that makes one think he is in a lot of pain, only for the camera to cut and show it is just a student Medic demonstrating basic Medi Gun usage. The senior Medic then pushes The Soldier out of the way and asks the other Medics why the student Medic failed. Two out of the three student Medics offer basic, but wrong explanations after which the third Medic in the row offers a complex explanation only to get rebuffed by the senior Medic because he was trying too hard. The senior Medic then explains that the proper method of using a Medi Gun is to find the Heavy and then stick on him.

The student Medic then asks the senior Medic if the German accent is needed, to which the senior Medic explains that yes, it is needed.

The senior Medic then calls another student Medic up to show off the final project of the class class. Once in front of the class, The student Medic proceeds to explain to the the Medics that his research showed The Medic to be wrong about the proper method of using a Medi Gun and that, instead of sticking to a Heavy, a Medic can be more useful by spreading the healing among everyone that needs health because then the secondary use of the Medi Gun charges faster. Another issue was that the Heavy is not a good class for forward pushing and nobody ever helps the Medic anyways. The senior Medic does not take too kindly to the student Medic showing him up and gives up on teaching the class, leaving the researched student Medic to possibly lead it.

Quickly after this, a class class for the Soldier starts up, and the senior Soldier, despite being nearby during the student Medic's explanation, tells the Soldiers that the first and foremost thing to do is to protect the Heavy.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The soldiers screams "Medic" at the start, a common phrase shouted by the actual game's characters whether they need healing or not.
  • Medic's explanation that the three types of German Accent "Effeminate German, Nazi German, or Effeminate Nazi German" references the popular portrayal of Germans in western media.
  • The origin of the misconception that the Heavy is a good focus for the medic has to do with Valve's marketing of TF2, mostly this video showing the Medic-Heavy combo to be quite fearsome. The explanation by the Student Medic as to why this is not the case is entirely correct.