TF2: Failure to Launch

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TF2: Failure to Launch
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TF2: Failure to Launch Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 25, 2016
Length 2:48
Game Team Fortress 2

TF2: Failure to Launch is a sketch about Soldier learning how to rocket jump.

Description: "Soldier develops a new technique to re-retrieve the enemy's intelligence."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Soldier
Reid Sullivan Spy
Kyle Sullivan Medic
Ian Conn Engineer


The sketch begins with Soldier stealing the enemy team's intelligence and being followed out of the base by an enemy spy who is currently invisible. Spy is able to kill Soldier, forcing the intelligence to be dropped on a nearby roof. Soldier attempts to rocket jump up to the roof, but is unsuccessful and only winds up blowing himself up multiple times. Medic and Engineer then try to help teach Soldier how to rocket jump. After many failed attempts he is finally able to do it, but they took too long and the intelligence was returned to the base.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • If the enemy intelligence sits on the ground for too long without being picked up by anyone it will automatically be returned to its starting position.


  • Rocket jumping is a common practice in the game for Soldiers as a way to gain a height advantage against enemies.