Sylvia Crowe (Character)

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Sylvia Crowe
Sylvia Crowe.png
Actor Peggy Schott
Occupation Infrastructure Oligarch
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Sylvia Crowe is one of the five Oligarchs that rule the city in The Guards Themselves. She is behind the infrastructure of the city, and is considered to be sarcastic and judgemental.

List of Appearances[edit]

The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Sylvia, along with the other oligarchs, questions Garrett Meyer's plan regarding the Anarchists. Crowe is the one that criticizes him the most, pointing out flaws in his thinking and being generally passive-agressive about the whole thing.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

After MasterFusion's confrontation with Meyer, Crowe is sent the recording of Meyer's threat. She reacts by looking smug, and helps sending him to jail.


Garrett Meyer[edit]

Sylvia appears to be especially acid towards Meyer, making sarcastic comments about his plan during the Oligarch meeting. Meyer, on the other hand, says that the sewers and the streets are her kingdom.

Tedd Gunn[edit]

Sylvia seems to view Todd as an idiot, given her reaction to his misspelling of the word "dictatorship". They don't interact otherwise.


Sylvia attends the Oligarch meetings along with Jenny, but is not seen interacting with her otherwise.

Artemis Cossling VI[edit]

Sylvia becomes disgusted with Cossling after he spits his drink in the middle of the Oligarch meeting. They don't interact otherwise.


Sylvia is sent the recording of Meyer's threat from Noam.