Suleiman the Magnificent (Character)

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Suleiman the Magnificent
Suleiman at the World Congress
Actor Joey Basham
Occupation Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
First Appearance Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi

Suleiman is the Sutlan of the Ottoman Empire and leader on a global level. He values a strong military and conquers those who would dare to cross him. He is naturally antithetical to the Byzantine Empire.


Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi[edit]

In Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi, Suleiman is featured as a somewhat ignorant leader who focus too much of his power on his military. He is denounced by the Byzantines, and denounces everyone as a response.

Civ 5: World Congress[edit]

In Civ 5: World Congress, Suleiman's WC proposal is banning Crabs. The leader seems to be mostly favorable to Empress Wu, who proposes Science Funding, and mostly negative towards the Venetians, whom he denounces, and Gustavus Adolphus, whom he hits for considering to elect Enrico Dandolo as the World Leader. Despite being a rival to Empress Theodora, the Sultan doesn't actually interact much with her.



  • "I denounce you!"