Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story)

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Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story)
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Date Released October 22, 2018
Length Length of sketch 1:42
Game N/A

Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story) is a sketch which features a supposed superhero whose power is "being normal".

Description: "He's an unremarkable hero in a world of insanity."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself/Straight Man
Kyle Sullivan Burglar #1
Allison Devery Burglar #2


The sketch begins with the two burglars stumbling around in the dark when the lights suddenly turn on, revealing that the two of them were attempting to steal a TV. Ethan asks the burglars what they are doing and Kyle begins to introduce Ethan, the Straight Man, as if he were a comic book superhero.

Kyle begins by explaining that he got his Straight Man powers by walking in front of a "nuclear powered film projector that was playing the movie Airplane!". Ethan comments how that's not how things work before Kyle begins to sing a theme song about Straight Man. In the middle of the song Ethan critiques the burglars by pointing out the problems with wearing a ski mask to rob someone in Texas. Ethan cuts off Kyle's song and asks Allison what he's doing, to which she replies that he sings when he's nervous.

Ethan tells the burglars that he won't call the cops if they just put the TV back, to which Kyle responds by commenting on how that was a perfect straight man response before Ethan orders them out of his house.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Airplane! is a movie well known for it's slapstick comedy and iconic straight man role.
  • It is implied that the burglars are Ethan's "quirky neighbors"
  • A straight man in comedy is the reasonable and serious one of two people in a double act, or comedy duo.
  • When Kyle sings "it's not an orientation" he's referencing how "straight" is another way to say heterosexual.