Steam Summer Sale

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Steam Summer Sale
Steam Summer Sale Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released July 19, 2012
Length 0:30
Game N/A

Steam Summer Sale is a short sketch about the homonymous steam event.

Description: "The Steam Summer Sale in a nutshell! BUY ALL THE GAMES!!
Before anyone even says anything, yes, I know you can't get Nintendo 64s and Xbox 360 games from Steam. It's an exaggerated illustration."


Actor Character
Reid Sullivan Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Reid and Kyle looking bored, silently staring at nothing. The camera repeatedly switches between the two brothers, slowly approaching both at each switch. Finally, in the last shift, both Reid and Kyle are seen with piles of games, with the former wearing a Spy mask and the latter having a stack of hats on his head. The logo of the Steam Summer Sale is shown, as the sketch ends.


  • Reid's mask is similar to the one Spy uses from TF2.


  • This is the second shortest sketch of the channel.