Stay Hydrated

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Stay Hydrated
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Date Released November 14, 2016
Length 1:54
Game N/A

Stay Hydrated is a sketch that revolves around Jefferey's refusal to drink water.

Description: "Jefferey is sick and refuses to drink water, which is dangerous to his health. Classic comedy."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


Jefferey, laid down on a sofa, sneezes. Kyle approaches him and asks for how he's feeling, to which the ginger responds by saying that he's feeling like Hitler. Sullivan tries to tell him that he can't use the word "Hitler" in the place of bad, though Neely ignores him and claims that he has Nazis in his stomach.

Kyle decides to give up on that conversation and asks if Jefferey has been drinking enough, bringing up a glass of water. Jefferey tiredly shows a can of soda, though Kyle says that he has to drink water. Disgusted with the liquid in front of him, Neely states that water tastes like Mussolini. Sullivan continues his questioning, though, and queries on when was the last time he has drunk water. After asking for what day is it, Neely responds that it was 2004.

Kyle becomes outraged, and after some quick banter, he gives his glass to Jefferey. The ginger, however, just pours the water into a potted plant and claims he has drunk it, even though Sullivan was right beside him, looking at what was happening. Neely then tries to argue that he is a "soda person", with "soda blood". Kyle has none of it, however, and orders him to drink the water, otherwise he will knock him out and drown him with it.

Jefferey takes the cup, puts the potted plant behind his mouth, and pretends to drink the water. After performing such task, Neely makes a fake satisfied sound and calls the water "de-carbonated Sprite". Sullivan, having lost all patience, asks exasperated if he actually wants to get better. Jefferey asks for his soda again, and Sullivan decides to just give it. The video then cuts to an image of a tombstone, with Kyle looking down on it. Jefferey suddenly appears beside him, much to Kyle's surprise, and says that the plant died because he gave it too much soda. Sullivan states that it was a fake plant, to which Neely responds with, "that's exactly what Joseph Stalin would say." Kyle orders him to go to bed, and the sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin are all infamous dictators.
  • The implication at the end of the sketch is that Jefferey died due to his refusal to drink water. This assumption is broken, however, when he appears besides Kyle.