Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure

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Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure
YT SpiralKnights.jpg
Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WWJr6kKpvM
Date Released April 27, 2015
Length 1:26
Game Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure is a sketch that revolves around two friends trying to go on adventure, with one of them constantly getting distracted.

Description: "Don't you hate it when it's time for adventure but instead you have to go shopping and sort your inventory and build weapons from scratch?"


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself (In-Game)
Kyle Sullivan Himself (In-Game)


The video opens with Ethan and Kyle spawning in-game, the former asking the latter what time is it. Kyle responds by saying that he "can't use that", and Ethan reformulates the question, now asking if he's ready for adventure. Sullivan enthusiastically responds with "yeah!", and both jump, executing a high-five. A transition occurs.

Both friends are then seen near a workshop of some kind, with Ethan seemingly working with a fire energy ball. Kyle asks for what are they doing, to which Ethan answers by saying that he's heating up his gear. He reassures Kyle that they will go on an adventure soon, and the same transition occurs.

Kyle and Ethan are still back at the house, as Ethan asks Kyle if he has "heavy gears" for his sword. Both start to banter about the fact that Kyle doesn't remember how to trade, and the transition is shown once again.

The video, from then on, continues with this pattern for a while - Ethan is constantly seen working on something in the city while Kyle is getting increasingly more frustrated by the lack of adventure. This structure gets broken, however, when Kyle eventually throws Ethan in the adventure elevator and both descend to a mission. The two friends immediately start to fight against monsters, as Sullivan becomes euphoric, screaming "Adventure!!" in excitement. When all of the enemies are finally vanquished, both friends briefly celebrate, as Kyle asks for who's next.

Ethan, however, is seen inspecting some items. Sullivan instantly gets upset and declares that he's going to steal Gelinas' crystal. As Ethan turns around and screams in dismay, the video ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Ethan's question about the time is a reference to the show "Adventure Time". Kyle responds by saying that "he can't use that" because if he did, he could receive a copyright claim.