Spider-Man (Character)

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Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Student/Superhero
First Appearance Spider-Man: Workers Comp

Spider-Man is a recurring character in the Marvel Series. As a superhero, his powers include spider sense, heightened speed and resistance, and the ability to shoot spiderwebs out of a gadget. Spider-Man's secret identity is Peter Parker, a teenager from Queens. In its Door Monster version, Spider-Man is usually portrayed as awkward, quick-witted and quippy.


Spider-Man: Workers Comp[edit]

Spider-Man's debut. In this sketch, the superhero tries to convince a construction worker to give up on throwing himself off a building to get Worker Compensation. He fails, and is forced to catch the worker at the last second before he hits the ground. In the end, Spider-Man punches him to give him Workers Comp, though the superhero gets caught and is accused of being a menace by the media.

Spider-Man: Biggest Fan[edit]

In Spider-Man: Biggest Fan, the superhero witnesses a criminal trying to rob a convenience store. When the evildoer sees him, however, he quickly claims to be his biggest fan, saying that he was only doing crimes to see Spider-Man. After multiple awkward interactions, the criminal calls his friends and the superhero is forced to beat them all up.

Captain America: Winter Jacket[edit]

In Captain America: Winter Jacket, Spider-Man makes a brief appearance, meeting up with Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4)[edit]

Debatable canon. In Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4), Spider-Man argues with MJ on the phone. While the latter is trying to catch criminals, the former spends his time running after birds and taking photos. In the end, MJ decides to work alone, while Spider-Man continues to slack off.