Spider-Man: Workers Comp

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Spider-Man: Workers Comp
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Spider-Man: Workers Comp Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YtcYU-XJM
Date Released October 24, 2016
Length 3:01
Game N/A

Spider-Man: Workers Comp is a Marvel sketch. In it, a construction worker tries to hurt himself to get Workers Comp, while Spiderman tries to stop him.

Description: "Spider-Man attempts to save someone who doesn't want his help."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Spider-Man
Cesar Riojas Construction Worker


The video begins on top of a building, with a construction worker flailing his arms in the air and exclaiming that he's going to fall due to his unsafe work conditions and short break times. Suddenly, Spider-Man appears, tackling him to the ground and saving the day. Both then get up, with the hero commenting that he was going to take a nasty fall there, almost "kind of on purpose". Spider-Man warns him to not stay so close to the edge, to which the worker awkwardly agrees. The hero then starts to leave.

His jog is stopped, however, by the sight of the worker's helmet on the middle of the ground. Spider-Man takes the object and puts it on his head, commenting that he should get one of those, before finally looking back at the worker to return the item. What he sees, though, is quite surprising. The man who just got saved is now trying to throw himself off the building.

Spider-Man is quick to grab him before the worst happens, much to the worker's dismay. The man explains that he wants workers comp, to which the hero responds that he doesn't need to jump off a building to get it. The worker just says that he wouldn't get paid as much.

Spider-Man, outraged, tells him that the fall will kill him. According to the hero, "in a scale of a sprained ankle to a pancake, you would make one convincing breakfast." Spider-Man pulls him back to the roof, asking for what his problem is.

The worker answers that he doesn't like his job, since it is hot and he is afraid of heights. Spider-Man initially gets very confused by this, but eventually suggests getting another occupation. The worker, however, explain he is not good at interviews. The sound of sirens start to emerge, signaling that Spider-Man needs to help with another problem. The hero pleads for him to not throw himself off anymore, and hesitantly starts to leave the place.

Not even five seconds pass before the worker throws himself off the building, this time for good. Spider-Man senses the movement and turns around, cursing the worker and jumping off too. The camera switches to a dramatic scene where both of them are falling to the ground, with Spider-Man shooting a web to hold himself and another to save the worker. Both fall safe on the streets below.

After getting up, Spider-Man tells the worker that there are millions of people potentially in danger too, people that also need saving. The man tells him to just go save those people and let him do his thing. After a lot of talking, the worker is convinced to not jump off the roof anymore, and so, Spider-Man starts to leave, recommending a psychiatrist.

The worker takes two steps and looks at the street. Suddenly, he has the idea of standing in the middle of the road, so that a car can hit him. Spider-Man, however, senses danger behind him and quickly pulls the worker back before anything bad can happen. He tells the man he's certifiably insane, to which the employee responds by saying that he just wants workplace injury. The hero asks if he'll stop if he gets an injury, and the worker answers with "yes". Spider-Man then punches him in the face, and the man finally gets satisfied.

Some time passes. Spider-Man is now looking at a newspaper. The front cover reads, "Masked Menace assaults Worker", with an image of him looking at the camera. The hero, frustrated, throws the sheet in the air, ironically commenting, "of course".

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Spider-Man gets confused by the fact that the worker said he's afraid of heights, even though he tried to throw himself off the building twice (until that moment).