Spider-Man: Biggest Fan

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Spider-Man: Biggest Fan
Spider-Man: Biggest Fan Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZBoP7qh9wo
Date Released December 25, 2017
Length 4:23
Game N/A

Spider-Man: Biggest Fan is a Marvel sketch. In it, Spiderman meets a fan who commits crimes to grab his attention.

Description: "It sucks being so famous that you can't even go out and stop a robbery anymore without being hassled."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Spider-Man
Kirk Lundblade "Slopes"
Mukul Seth Store Owner


The video begins with a masked man entering a convenience store, walking with a plastic bat and a bag. He moves towards the owner and demands for money, though quickly changes his request to gum (in case he meets someone important), M&Ms, and Sour Patch Kids. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, who was also inside the store, changes his persona to Spiderman.

The hero drops from the ceiling and orders the robber to put down his plastic bat, much to the man's surprise. Parker tries to continue his intimidation, though ends up accidentally hitting one of the stands and dropping some products. He then awkwardly starts to put them back, while the criminal tells him that he is his biggest fan. Spiderman, confused, begins to stutter, as the robber proceeds to shake his hand and take some photos, with the help of the store owner, who is very calm. The idol asks if he's part of the gang that solves mysteries out of a van, and tells him that he will not take off his mask. The delinquent, however, just ignores his question and requests him to do the "hand thing" and then pretend to punch him. Spiderman asks if he can actually punch him, to which the robber agrees. Meanwhile, the store owner calmly takes photos for him.

The hero continues his attempts to understand what's going on, though fails. While the robber takes out his phone and begins to call his friends to meet Spiderman, the superhero apologises to the owner. The criminal and the hero then start to discuss, with the former eventually revealing that he only commits crimes "for show". Spiderman gets outraged by this, pointing to the owner and claiming that he's terrified because of him. The man behind the counter, however, is still calm.

Eventually, the protagonist asks the lawbreaker to take the discussion outside, to which he responds that it's fine. The masked man explains that he's only commiting crimes to get the hero's attention, and rambles on about how he was planning to become a supervillain named "Slopes", due to his ski mask, and upgrading to a minigun, which he pulls out of nowhere. Spiderman immediately becomes alerted and shocked, yelling and screaming and asking for how and why. Slopes responds that he "knows" a guy. After that, Parker angrily orders him to put the "poorly named gun down", and turns to the owner apologetic, claiming that he usually handles these situations better.

Finally, the criminal excitedly declares that he also has grenades, with one of them in his hand. Spiderman, reaching his breaking point, just punches Slopes and takes the grenade. The hero then starts to rant about how he's having an off-day, unconsciously moving his hand from left to right, accidentally activating the bomb again. Realizing this, Parker enters a mini-panic mode while trying to put the pin back into the weapon, managing to do it in the nick of time. He apologises a final time and starts to leave, but gets interrupted again.

This time, a gang of masked people appears near the door, pointing to the hero and excitedly running towards him. Spiderman knocks all of them as they approach him, making an even bigger mess in the convenience store. The store owner, calm as ever, takes a broom from behind the counter and gives it to the superhero. Defeated and tired, Parker begins to clean the floor. The sketch ends with a newspaper exclaiming, "Spidey wipes out NYC Ski Team".

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Spiderman refers to Slopes' weapon as "poorly named gun" due to its name "Minigun", which implies it being small. That, of course, is not the case.
  • Slopes claims that he wants gum in case he meets someone important. This "someone" is probably Spiderman.


  • The newspaper featured at the end shows a reference to Kurt and Walter, the cops from A Civil Warning, and the line "Lazy Youtubers reuse same newspaper joke", referencing Spider-Man: Workers Comp, a sketch that ends in a similar fashion.
  • The "gang that solves mysteries out of a van" is Scooby-Doo's gang.


  • This sketch was filmed in Desi Food Mart, a convenience store owned by Mukul Seth.