Spending and Saving

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Spending and Saving
YT Spending&Saving.jpg
Spending and Saving Thumbail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGf17WXs62U
Date Released April 24, 2017
Length 2:24
Game N/A

Spending and Saving, starring Kyle, Allison Devery, and Ian, is a sketch that makes fun of the concept of coupons, and how one doesn't really save any money by buying things one doesn't need.

Description: "Kyle discovers how to get free money by doing nothing more than spending money."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Allison Devery Herself


The sketch starts off with Allison intensely playing her video games while sitting on a bed within a bedroom. Without warning, Kyle bursts into the room carrying a binder to Allison's dismay; after assurances that the reasoning behind the binder and it's contents is not of his own mind, Kyle launches into an explanation of what wacky antics he got up to this week.

Allison then spends a minute trying to understand Kyle's mispronunciation of coupons while also attempting to figure out how someone could miss such savings for as long as Kyle has. Despite this however, Allison is glad that Kyle has refrained himself from the mind bending lunacy that he normally brings the world and so starts off happy to hear him out this time.

Kyle then goes through a list of questionable coupons, leading Allison to question their usefulness when it comes to Kyle's needs. As it turns out, Kyle does not understand that coupons are for saving money off things you would purchase anyways, instead he believes that they are more akin to quest lines from a game. Allison attempts to rectify this error only to find out that Kyle has already claimed loot from a few of the quests.

After one last try to get Kyle to understand what he has done, and why he was wrong, he takes the information given to instead pawn off some of his purchases on the next unsuspecting victim: Ian. Sadly, this works.

Easter Eggs[edit]