Spectacle (Character)

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Actor Cassandra Klepac
Occupation Crimefighter
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Spectacle, also known as Katie, is a Crimefighter as well as one of the secondary antagonists of The Guards Themselves. She is a quick, agile and carefree heroine, seeing crimefighting as just a form of entertainment.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Spectacle first appears at the "Queen & Lord" bank, foiling MasterFusion and Big Fist's infiltration. She fights and distracts MasterFusion, who gets extremely annoyed by her presence. In their confrontation, Katie consistently avoids Noam's attacks while shocking him with her signature taser. Spectacle and Mr. Justice are later mentioned and praised about their act in the local news.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

While the Anarchists are trying to obtain an ID Badge from a Meyer Guard, Spectacle and Mr. Justice are giving autographs to some citizens. Katie, however, quickly notices MasterFusion on the roof, and calls Paul to fight the criminals.

Katie then moves to said roof and again takes Noam by surprise, punching him in the face. After the anarchist expresses his outrage to the heroine's act, Spectacle mocks him and they enter another fight. The brawl occurs similarly to the first one, with Katie dodging Noam while striking him with punches, kicks, and electricity. MasterFusion eventually falls down and drops some cables from his "Magic Bag", using them to temporarily neutralize Spectacle's taser. Noam then uses his leg to trip Katie up, making her fall to the ground and letting him escape.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

The Crimefighter duo is later seen in the middle of the city, with Katie commenting on how the city is boring. Suddenly, however, they hear a cry for help. As Mr. Justice begins yet another speech, Spectacle runs to the scene, making him have to stop talking. When the two get there, they find three Meyer guards surrounding an Anarchist. Paul initially calls them "evildoers", but quickly regrets that when he realizes that they're the police. The two sides begin to have an argument when one of the guards tells Paul that he's in a restricted area, and ends with the same guard hitting Justice in the back. Spectacle tries to tase one of the officers, but stops when all three of them point their guns. The duo promptly raise their hands, and get hauled to jail.

When the Anarchists infiltrate and subsquently activate the alarms of Meyer's prison, Katie shows up also trying to escape the facility, asking the Anarchists for help. Messier almost shoots her during their encounter, while Big Fist and Lincoln argue for helping her. MasterFusion goes against this, but gets ignored. During the escape, Katie tases one of the guards.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

At the Anarchist Bunker, Big Fist tells the duo that they can stay until everything goes back to normal. Later that night, Katie and Noam talk to each other, with the latter somewhat encouraging her to stop moping around and claiming that, if she and Mr. Justice help, he'll let them go. Katie agrees and gets back on her feet.

In the next morning, she reveals that Meyer used to pay the Crimefighters, much to Noam and Messier's frustration. Finally, during the final confrontation between MasterFusion and Garrett Meyer, Katie assists them by fighting and distracting some guards.

Resting Villain Face[edit]

Spectacle was briefly mentioned by Paul when he calls her a "traitor and a scoundrel."



Noam has known Katie since elementary school and has been harassed by her ever since. She is somehow always able to find him, even when he finally went off the grid. Noam often talks down to her because of her perceived lack of intelligence, but is able to give her comforting words when she's in distress in the bunker after the failed prison break. Katie, on the other hand, finds Noam boring and grumpy, always looking for opportunities to tase him and annoy him.

Big Fist[edit]

Scott briefly talks to her and Paul after the failed prison break. Other than that, they don't interact much.


Messier almost shot Katie during the prison escape. Other than that, they don't interact much.


Lincoln apparently knows her since elementary school, just like Noam. It is also probable that he's at least somewhat interested in her, as he asked Noam if his penny powers might impress her.

Mr. Justice[edit]

Katie and Paul were partners during the events of The Guards Themselves, treating each other with general camaraderie. Katie did seem to get annoyed with Justice's constant speeches, however.

After the events of TGT, Katie apparently stopped Crimefighting, moving on to something else. When asked about her, Paul said that she was a traitor.