Sneezing and Driving

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Sneezing and Driving
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Date Released August 8, 2016
Length 1:49
Game N/A

Sneezing and Driving is a short sketch, starring Kyle and Ian. In it, Kyle starts to sneeze while driving, causing numerous dangerous situations.

Description: "It only takes a second."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


The sketch begins with Kyle and Ian inside a car, with the former driving it. Kyle suddenly starts to hold a sneeze, saying to himself, "I do not need to sneeze." Ian makes a sarcastic comment and asks why he is so afraid of sneezing while driving. Sullivan responds that he has to close his eyes while sneezing, and as such, he won't know what will happen.

Ian argues that it's just for half a second, and that it won't be a big deal. Kyle puts forth that if something happens, the fault shall be placed onto Ian's shoulders. Ian agrees to the conditions, and Kyle sneezes. Immediately after that, the car moves to the left, into the opposite lane. Both Sullivan and Conn get startled, with Ian exclamating "what is wrong with you!"

Kyle drives the car back to its correct position while Ian says that there wasn't even enough time for that to happen. Another sneeze comes, however, and the vehicle appears right in front of a truck. Kyle narrowly avoids it and Conn gets even more outraged.

Sullivan tells him that that's why he doesn't sneeze while driving. Ian concedes, asking him to not sneeze again, but another one quickly comes. This time, Ian puts his hands above his head, however nothing happens. The passenger looks around, briefly looking relieved, until he notices that Kyle is in the back seat, pulling himself back to the driver's seat. Ian, shocked, asks what he is doing, and Sullivan answers "I don't know, my eyes were closed!"

Conn orders him to pull over, and both of them switch places. They continue driving for some time, and Kyle sneezes again. Ian gets mildly upset, while Sullivan casually comments "good thing we both didn't sneeze at the same time". What he said, however, happens, and both sneeze simultaneosly.

The car suddenly appears in a mesa, running off a cliff. The video ends.