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Skyvault Logo
Director Kyle Sullivan
Writer Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn

Skyvault, primarily 'Space Thing', is an adventure serial space fantasy TV show planned by Door Monster. It's about 3 people who leave home to find a device which lets them transport anywhere, so long as they go where the evil Rampart organization tells them to. The three adventure around the universe, all the while looking for a way to escape these chains.

From Skyvault Concept Trailer: Skyvault is a modern space epic about three adventurers who fight for their freedom against shadowy revolutionaries with ancient technology!


The world includes planets based on Texas - Door Monster's home state - and a sub-light speed civilization. Due to the lack of light speed, it can take up to 3 months to travel to other planets. The plot revolves around 3 characters, Jay Harper, Truman Perry and Kat Bryson, who come from an unsatisfactory life on various planets. Jay doesn't know what to do with his life, so he buys a treasure map and posts a newspaper ad, and they go looking for it. When they find it, it's an ancient 'gauntlet' which has the ability to transport them anywhere. However, a shadowy group called Rampart who has been collecting this equipment notices and immediately finds them. The trio use the gauntlets to 'vault' to another planet, but Rampart also has this technology, allowing them to follow behind. Nobody can know about it, so they must either die or work for this group.

Skyvault Planets
Skyvault planets.jpg
Skyvault Universe - Subject to change


Lead Characters[edit]

Jay Harper[edit]

Played by Havon Baraka, Jay is the main character who works in an office but dreams of adventure, and one day runs off to find it. Jay is a reckless adventure type person, who always goes with the difficult or exciting option. He comes from the planet Austin.

Truman Perry[edit]

Played by Jim Schubin, Truman is a starry-eyed scholar who studies Anthropology - more specifically a lost Mayan civilization - and who wants to break free of his inflexible upbringing to explore his own theories out in the field. He's ambitious and generous, but also very cautious. He's only completely comfortable with a decision when he's been able to think it through - otherwise he's nervous, panicky, snarky, and complains about everything that led to this situation. He rarely has time to think things through. He comes from the planet Waco.

Kat Bryson[edit]

Played by Alle Mims, Kat has a strict honor code, a strong work ethic, and the ability to jump from mellow to fierce at a moment's notice. She wants to have fun and do what she likes without interference, and lives on a principle of "I won't bother you if you won't bother me." She relies on her gut reactions and intuitions, trusting her own judgement above all else. She comes from the planet Houston.

Supporting Characters[edit]


Played by Peggy Schott, Shay is the hero who has to make hard decisions, and deeply feels every sacrifice he makes. He believes that he holds the responsibility to bring about a future of equal opportunity for his fellow citizens. Every move he makes is carefully calculated, and he always remains soft-spoken and calm in even the most stressful situations. He is a member of Rampart.


Played by Aleeah Rogers, Yvonne goes to extremes to preserve her own well-being, driven by a fear of death. She stays away from physical danger whenever possible, instead opting to let others do the dirty work. When conflict does find her, she becomes a terrifying force to reckon with. She takes a very direct method to problem solving, often not considering collateral damage or smaller variables.


Played by Tyler Tipson, Harry is handsome, charming, daring, good at everything; a classic intrepid adventurer, and he works hard to maintain that reputation. When he's in a tight spot, he focuses on self-preservation, going as far as to sacrifice the well-being of others to protect his himself. He never plans more than one step ahead, and often finds himself in sticky situations as a result.

Side Characters[edit]


Played by Lara Williams, Vera is a professional mercenary who believes that if she doesn't take what she needs by force, it will be taken from her by someone who tried harder. She knows how to stay alive and how to live well, and intends to slowly make her way to the top until she can sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life with no consequences.


Played by Thomas Devery, Keith is very practical and uses his organizational skills to help further the causes he supports. He's very dedicated to protocol and rules, especially ones he made up. Often playing the straight man to the chaos around him, he just wants to transition things from bad to good as smoothly as possible.

Agent Rose[edit]

Played by Justin Ray, Agent Rose is extremely intelligent and fascinated by technology; he once found his ultimate calling when he was hired to reverse-engineer a magical ancient artefact. After years of reaching for greater purpose, he's become disillusioned with humanity and decided to escape society as soon as possible.

Bluebonnet Officers[edit]

Wealthy, out of touch, and condescending, the Bluebonnet officers see themselves as gods among men. They see everyone as beneath them, and anything outside their personal interests is treated casually and frivolously. They are on top of the world and their only goal is to make sure it stays that way. There are 5 different officers seen throughout the series. They are played by all of Kari Page, Briana Watson, John Gonzalez and an unknown fourth person. The fifth executive officer is played by Heather Martinez.

Galveston Mentor[edit]

Played by Corbett Hall, Mentor is the leader of a small coastal community. He single-handedly keeps their town from falling apart in the absence of any outside help. They want only to keep their town alive for the sake of the generations to come, and remain optimistic despite decades of weathering a literal never-ending storm.

Plant Manager[edit]

Played by Scott Shattuck, The Plant Manager is the manager of the largest solar sail manufacturing plant in existence and runs their facility and the surrounding town with brutal efficiency, acting more like a prison warden than a corporate administrator. They go overboard to quell the rebels of the town because they're afraid of what may happen if they don't.

Swamp Woman[edit]

Played by Rachel Butcher, the Swamp Woman is a supplier of food and spices in a small village. This mischievous old woman likes to mess with travelers that pass through.

Bluebonnet Salesman[edit]

Played by Justin Dehn, the salesman is a corporate salesperson who would come across as extremely sleazy if he wasn't so genuine. He'll do anything to please his client until the sale is made, and have angry outbursts at anyone who interrupts.


Rampart Agents[edit]

A collection of disenfranchised working-class citizens turned militant activists. The Rampart agents have all been hand-picked by Shay to perform a variety of jobs for his cause, from infiltration to combat to data analysis.


Mercenaries, security guards, soldiers, pirates - the galaxy is filled with fighters, and they regularly cross paths with the heroes.

Other Characters[edit]

These characters have been assigned actors, but otherwise nothing is known of them:

  • Kreuz Market Waitress - Renee Rhodes
  • Diesel Jack - Joey Basham
  • Vera’s First Crew - Mike Derington, Lisa Derington, Nate Scheper
  • Campus Guide - Matt Locke
  • Truman’s Colleague - Mick Primmer
  • Doctor Gregory - Kevin Machate
  • Theater Actress - Carolyn Dellinger
  • Obsessed Fan - Lisa Ashby
  • Restaurant Bouncer - Kristen Perry
  • Restaurant Manager - Patrick Lescarbeau
  • Bethy - Brittany Roberts
  • Old Man Powerlines - Jason Campbell
  • Mayor of Lawton - Ricky Linn
  • Other Mayor of Lawton - Allison Devery
  • Lawton Bartender - JP De Ovando
  • Mayor’s Thug - Jon Currie
  • Rednecks - Jefferey Neely, Ethan Gelinas
  • Swamp Creature - Reid Sullivan
  • Vera’s Crew (The Muscle) - Josh Jameson
  • Vera’s Crew (The Gunner) - Faheem Rashid
  • Vera’s Crew (The Techie) - Dana Wing Lau
  • Head of Security (Bluebonnet HQ) - Lisha Hackney
  • Greg - Zdenko Stjepanovic


  • Camera Operators - Marie Ketring, Jessie Garcia, Joel Hinojosa
  • Sound Technician - Brandon Brefka


The kickstarter went up on March 3rd and ended April 1st 2018.

The kickstarter was the main source of revenue for the Skyvault project. To support the kickstarter, Door Monster released 1-3 livestreams every day for that month, containing one or more of the many members of the crew.

Once the kickstarter finished, the paypal was opened for another source of donations.


Some of the more significant livestreams were:



  • Leap of Faith
  • Fence on the Border
  • Look before you Leap
  • Publish or Perish
  • Time to Kill
  • Power Struggle
  • Starless Night
  • Save Yourself
  • Untrusted Network
  • I have the Storm
  • Rerouting Directions
  • Hands-Free Navigation

Release Date[edit]

Planned end of 2019 - From Kickstarter FAQ

Current Status[edit]

Casting is now closed and the parts are chosen. Production for the pilot will begin around 24th September, moving to post-production on the 4th October.


  • If the first season is successful enough, they have 2 other seasons planned
  • In Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale), Jay Harper is seen putting up a newspaper ad, and talked to by Joey Basham
  • Episodes are planned to be 22-30 minutes long
  • In the first season, 8-12 planets are set to be shown
  • The Gauntlet is limited by solid objects and dense atmospheres. It is also extremely hard to learn to operate. You can only travel to a planet you can see, or bounce off another planet/moon.
  • To get between planets normally, cryo-technology is utilised, and takes a few months between systems
  • The main powers (around 5) have much larger sail ships, which can do the same distance in a few days
  • If the gauntlet misses, you fly into space and are likely gone forever
  • Rampart keeps control via a self-destruct mechanism in the Gauntlets, and can see the status of any gauntlet at any one time
  • The gauntlets are unremovable without an unlock signal
  • Outlaws are the only ones with robotic limbs/augmentations for the most part. This is because of an ingrained hatred of such limbs.
  • Gauntlets can bring a certain amount along, but only to a limited degree - not another person
  • The centre system is known as the 'Lone Star System'. The entire cluster is known as the 'Lone Star Cluster'
  • Travel between parts of a planet can be achieved by cars, trains or shuttles
  • Skyvault has an IMDb page here