Skyrim: Help Wanted

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Skyrim: Help Wanted
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Skyrim: Help Wanted Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released January 9, 2017
Length 3:22
Game Skyrim

Skyrim: Help Wanted is a sketch about the Dovahkiin finding a new companion.

Description: "The Dovahkiin is hiring a new follower!"


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Dovahkiin
Kyle Sullivan Follower #1
Allison Devery Follower #2


The sketch begins with a shot of a man screaming as he flies through the air in the background. The Dovahkiin is then seen coughing right before Kyle approaches him. He tells the Dovahkiin that he saw his ad and is interested in apply for the follower position. He then hands his resume to the Dovahkiin who immediately throws it away. He then asks Kyle why he wants to be his follower. Kyle responds by saying he likes the lifestyle, the Dovahkiin then asks him for his qualifications. Kyle tells him he's proficient in most weapons, has the ability to sense when his friends are crouching and instantly mimic them, and will attack anything that touches him, no matter how dangerous or insignificant. The Dovahkiin then asks him how he is with personal space and when he looks up Kyle is right behind him, reading over his shoulder.

The Dovahkiin tells him he seems like a great fit. Suddenly, a bug bites Kyle's neck and he draws his sword as he tries to find and fight it. The Dovahkiin then asks him how much weight he can carry to which he responds that he could probably hold as much as the Dovahkiin needs. The Dovahkiin asks him if he would be able to outrun him if they were being chased, Kyle replies by saying that he couldn't. The Dovahkiin questions how well he could take a hit and if an unexpected, loud, invisible force threw him against some rocks. Kyle begins to backpedal and say he's not as interested in the position as he was at the beginning. The Dovahkiin then wins him over and Kyle takes the job. Kyle then asks what they do first and the Dovahkiin tells him to stand still and he uses his dragon shout to knock Kyle away. We then see Allison watching as Kyle flies across the sky and claims it looks fun.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • It is implied that the Dovahkiin used his dragon shout on the man seen flying through the air in the beginning of the sketch.